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Thrifting and Hometalk

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Kelly from Eclectically Vintage sent me an email and the subject line read:  fun idea!

She is an ambassador for Hometalk,  I’m so glad she contacted me about getting a group together. Hometalk encourages community and the sharing of ideas and advice about home and gardening. You don’t have to be a blogger to use it.  You can ask and answer questions, share photos, search and browse thousands of previous discussions. It’s a great resource for everyone.

After talking to Kelly and Miriam from Hometalk I got busy sending emails to my local blogging buddies!  Lucky for all of us Cherry knew all the honey holes! Thanks Cherry 🙂


That’s how our Thrifting and Hometalk day came about.

 Thanks to Hometalk for providing awesome t-shirts.

Wide awake early Saturday morning!

(Me, Ann~Shabby French Country Cottage Basement, Kim~Today is my Someday, Debbie~The Smart Set,  Sarah~Unto the Rainbow,Cherry~Cherry’s in The Garden and More, Mary and Karen~Cotton* Wood Furnishing)

First stop of the day:

The t-shirts caused a buzz everywhere we went.  We told a lot of people about Hometalk 🙂

Here we are standing outside, discussing our scores and what we’re going to do with them.

(One of the employees from St. Francis took our picture for their newsletter.)

We just got started and I almost filled the truck up.  I had to slow down.

Sarah (Unto the Rainbow) and I rode together, we had to put our overflow in Cherry’s (Cherry’s in the Garden and More) vehicle!

Kim (Today is my Someday) and Mary (Cottonwood) really know how the pack a SUV,

in fact they packed and repacked a couple of times!

Ann (Shabby French Country Cottage Basement) found an amazing basket,

I wish I had gotten to it first.  Sister’s Karen and Debbie packing their treasures!

Mine all Mine 🙂

Here we are plotting our next outing.

There is something comforting about spending the day with these ladies, we have a lot in common.  

(and I’m not talking about the condition of our garages or that a couple of us may of had paint on our elbows)

We talked about painting, sanding, priming and cutting wood.  We talked about our helpful, understanding husbands.

We talked almost as much as we shopped.

(It was a perfect day.  Well, almost, we need bigger vehicles.)



    17 thoughts on “Thrifting and Hometalk”

    1. I live in the upstate of SC and recognized some of those Hilton head thrift stores! I did not know that you blogged from that area…or that you live near there. How cool!

    2. WOW! Awesome haul ladies. You guys are GOOD! Maybe rent a truck next time… hehe… a MOVING truck. Looks like you guys had a really FUN time 🙂

    3. Yippie – you girls really know how to rock a thrift outing! Wish I could have tagged along – although I doubt there would have been room for me (one top of one of your cars maybe)!

      Glad there were no cat fights over any treasures!!! Here’s to many more days of thrifting with friends!

    4. Southern MN has a 100 mile garage sale and a group of women rented a mini coach for their trip. Plenty of room for their scores and it stopped right up front at each sale to drop them off and pick ’em back up. I do not however think there would of been room for all your treasures so you would be voted off the bus!


    5. I bet the next time everyone will want to drive and have hubby’s following with more trucks and trailers..lol
      We will be a caravan of many..lol It was great and I have no doubt you will be back over there soon..
      hugs, Cherry

    6. Wonderful summarization of a wonderful day. I am amazed at how many thrift stores there are in those two towns! I’m still tired! I had a great time and loved being with the rest of you ladies. AND, I’m really happy with all of my treasures!


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