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Turquoise Desk

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I was beginning to think

that I’d never be satisfied with this desk.

I don’t want you to see the desk totally assembled~ the before.

It might burn your retina. (I forgot to take a picture~I was so excited)


This is 3 coats of Opps turquoise and black stain on the edges.  

It may seem that I had this all planned out.  The truth is I didn’t.

My plan was to paint it, distress it, protect it and put it in the shop.

But after I painted it, I hated it.  The turquoise just, well it just wasn’t doing it for me.

So I mixed some green paint with my water based poly and

I washed the whole desk with it twice.

I fell in love with it, all over again.

The hint of green was kind of like this shampoo from the 1970’s – 80’s.

I used it and boys flocked to me,

they didn’t know why I was so irresistible.

But I knew and this hint of green knows,

sometimes you just need a little something~terrific…

I’m so glad it worked.  

The orange boob knobs don’t hurt either 😉

The stained top is as smooth as butta .

I’m sorry for all the pictures, but I said to myself

~self, if this relationship works out…

It’s going to be documented with tons of pictures!

I’m going to check ebay, I heard that shampoo is on there!

Wish me luck!

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    65 thoughts on “Turquoise Desk”

    1. I love it and also the black stain on the edges. I never thought to stain the top only…that looks awesome.
      My favorite is orange and turquoise too! Oh ya, and love the cow picture 🙂

    2. Love the desk, great choice of color been reading all the postings I like the cow too, but everyone is so obessed about her so now I’m wondering where you got it or if you painted too, she diffinately makes the vinette, Hope you answer back! Thanks for your time ,Jackie

    3. This desk is so cheery, refreshing, summery and fun!…and the cow painting …to die for..! Now, 1) where can I get a moo cow like that for me 2) did you use chalk or milk paint for this desk or is it regular flat paint? It looks amazing either way…just curios…I’ve been practicing with small pieces with chalk paint and I just can’t get a smooth finish like I see in your furniture…wondering why…Thank You so much for your time in reading my comment and on any tips you could give me! Lizy =0)

    4. Love this desk. Total love! The mixed-in green works…the orange “boob” knobs – hilarious, by the way! – work! It is simply perfect! I also used the GYHST shampoo, and yes my hair DID smell terrific! 🙂

    5. Oh, I’m sorry. What desk? All I can see is that beautiful Cow! I love her and if you ever decide you want to get rid of her, just let me know. Or even better, can I buy one just like her somewhere?

    6. I love your new look here Debbie – it’s gorgeous1 I love orange & turquoise as well – we had an airplane those colours and the combination reminds me of it… oh, loved your desk too and you did a fabulous job!

    7. Yep! I’m in love! The color combination is GORGEOUS…so ya going to bring some of that fancy shampoo to Haven with you? That way we can follow our noses to the gal with the great smelling hair and we’ll find Debbie waiting for us! 😉


    8. If some man doesn’t want it for the boob knobs alone, I would be surprised. Then, if you stand next to it with your good smelling hair, it is bound to fly out of the shop.


    9. So cuuute!! Love it t pieces. That shampoo too. LOL! Seriously, turquoise & green together is my FAVORITE color combo this year, and splashing it with orange is just brilliant, Well done, and what a cool as beans cow painting!!

    10. Looks fabulous Debbie, especially the orange knobs! Sometimes with a project you start heading down one road and before you know it, you’ve changed destinations completely but ended up at an even better place! I love it when that happens! Oh, and the cow is spectacular!

    11. I have a very old, but not antique, 2 piece china cabinet. It was going to Habitat until the bottom cabinet was put back into use as a Tv stand. I know it needs some love like this! The top of the cabinet was the part to display items and has glass doors. Thinking maybe it can have a new life elsewhere. BUT I too want the cow picture SO much!!

    12. First of all…I want to wash my hair, and brush it 100 times so it has the perfect sheen. Second…holy bleep…those knobs are orange and fabulous (boob knobs…some man is going to end up with this dresser!) You are killing me! I keep doing the same. exact. thing. Painting, thinking it’s not right, repainting. Then I get mad as hell…why am I putting ridiculous amounts of energy into something I don’t get to keep? Lord, what a crazy cycle we are on! And funny…but that love of green you have is starting to creep out more often lately…it turned out beautifully, and if no crazy boob obsessed man buys it, I’ll take it for sure!


    13. The desk looks like so much fun, and the knobs make it look modern an playful!..but what i really, really want is the cow paint! It’s precious!

    14. I love that cow.
      He is so cute… he say to me; “Mooove me to your house Shanni”.

      The dresser isn’t bad either 😉 {wink wink}

    15. Well the desk is awesome but like everyone else, I like the cow!! Is it by a local artist or is it you? You hung in there and made this work for you!! An inspiration!! Thanks for sharing and I like lots of pics!!


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