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Two Tone Mid Century Modern Furniture

Two Tone Mid Century Modern Makeover

TwoTone Mid century modern makeover

Welcome to this months DIY Furniture Challenge!  Two tone is our theme this month and I’m so happy that I found an awesome piece to work on!  At the end of the post, be sure to check out all the other makeovers!

Here we go with mine:

When I saw this piece I got excited, it looked perfect…from a distance.

Upon further inspection, I noticed a big hunk missing there on the right! Not just a hunk missing, but the top is not real wood! And a big gash on that side.

So what’s a girl to do. I bought it, put it in my storage unit for a year and when we were getting ready to move I saw it.
Two toned mid century modernThe perfect candidate for a two tone makeover 😉

Here’s what I used:

1. Wood filler for damaged area (follow directions for dry time)

2. Bosch ROS20VSC 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander with Carrying Bag

3. General Finishes Seagull Gray Milk Paint Pint

4. General Finishes Flat water based top coat

5. Maison Blanche Antique Wax: Dark Brown

Here’s what I did:

1. Use wood filler on damaged areas. I overfill the area, so when I sand it blends with the non-damaged surface.

2. Sand top and damaged areas.

3. Clean the whole piece.

4. Wax the wood areas.

5. Paint 2 coats with General Finishes Milk Paint, follow drying directions.

6. Apply General Finishes Top Coat.

Two tone Midcentury Modern Makeover

The dark wax brought the wood to life and repaired several areas!

Two tone Midcentury Modern Makeover


Two tone Midcentury Modern Makeover

Two tone Midcentury Modern Makeover

She’s a keeper! What do you think??

I wanted to thank General Finishes (see them on Facebook) for suppling the paint and top coat for this project. This was the first time that I used the General Finishes Milk Paint and I loved it!  If you paint furniture, I recommend you try it! It comes in awesome colors. And the General Finishes Flat Top Coat is the perfect companion.

I included my affiliate links for some items that I use and love.

More awesome Two Tone Makeovers here:


  1. This is completely gorgeous! I also must ask, where did you find that awesome articulated hand? LOVE it!

  2. Beautiful job Debbie!!! That’s an amazing transformation. I’m glad you “found” it. lol


  3. This looks SO good! I would never have thought to split the colours like that. This would go so perfectly in my home… now I’m on the lookout!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! I love the two tone look on a mid century modern piece. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Debbie, you out did yourself! Not only is your mid century piece made over stunningly but the styling and photography are over the top awesome too! 3 cheers to you my friend

  6. Debbie… I LOVE your piece! It’s beautiful- the white really accents the lines on it nicely!. It would go so well with my litttle coffee table too 😉

  7. Debbie,
    It turned out beautifully!! The styling looks like it jumped of the pages of a high style magazine!! Well done, friend!! ~Christy

  8. This is amazing and it still has the feel of mid century modern furniture. Wonderful job! Jeanette

  9. Debbie, this turned out fabulous! And I laughed too hard at your story… My garage is so stocked that I frequently forget what pieces I have too! 😉

  10. Debbie, I love love love this piece. Mid-Century Modern Furniture is one of my faves, but when you add that two-toned look to it, its just off the charts!! Fab job, girl!

  11. I have a glider rocker with ottoman that has a cranberry pad on it. What color would you recommend painting it? My living room is navy, cranberry, and white.

  12. Debbie this is a stunning mid-century piece makeover – what a difference! I don’t blame you for it being a keeper. I’m really enjoying this series and look forward to it each month. You gals are a talented bunch!

  13. What a great end result for this piece! Like Christy, I’ve never thought about waxing wood and will have to remember that tip.

  14. What a gorgeous makeover! It never occurred to me to wax the wood! It looks so much richer now. Beautiful job. 🙂

  15. I’m in love with this! It turned out so great 🙂

  16. this is one of my all time favorite looks!

  17. That is amazing how completely different (and completely BETTER) that piece looks!! What a beauty it is!!!

  18. Debbie, you really do have such a gift! It is just so gorgeous I can’t even believe it!
    I love it!

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