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Why I Started Blogging

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The real reason I started a blog. It took me a while to figure this out and now I’m ready to share my empty nest confessions.

I was truly flattered when my son Justin told me that I should start a blog. I hemmed and hawed with him about it, not knowing where to start or what to do even if I did start one. He was very reassuring. He set everything up and briefed me on how to blog.

Empty nest life confessions

It dawned on me not to long ago, after I saw several of my friends going through the pains of their kids leaving the nest, the real reason my son helped me start a blog. I was driving him crazy being an empty nest mom, hard to believe I know! He’s never said this, I just put two and two together. You see he’s the baby, my daughter got out first, leaving him behind to satisfy my mothering.

After starting the blog and falling in love with sharing my DIY life with y’all, I realized that being and empty nester wasn’t so bad. I came up with five reasons I’m happy that our children left home and are leading lives that we prepared them for.


5 unexpected things I enjoy about being an empty nester:

  1. Only one bed to make each day. (No more nagging the kids to clean up their room etc.)  Don’t get me wrong, at first it was sad going in their rooms and not having to pick up after them. 
  2. Got a new dog – dogs don’t stay out too late or talk back. (We needed someone to baby.) It’s true what they say about dogs, they love you no matter what. They’re not picky eaters and they are happy to see you when you come home.
  3. Reinvented myself by starting a blog. (My son came up with the blog idea, I think I was calling crying too much.) Oh my goodness, this has probably been the most fun part of being and empty nester. We pour so much in to being a mom, it feels great to attend conferences, work on DIY projects and not have to worry about preparing a big meal, picking up from practice, you get the idea.
  4. Less time preparing a meal. When you are only cooking for 1 or 2 it opens up a whole new world! Delicious, fast and filling Progresso™ soup is one of our go-to’s. Above I said my favorite part was being a blogger, but seriously meal prep is my favorite! Grocery bill is less, dishes aren’t stacked up to the ceiling in the sink and we can eat any time we like.”
  5. Decrease in loads of laundry.  I can have laundry complete faster than shopping for weekly groceries. Basically two loads of clothes a couple times a week and you know what, I think the house smells better. No dirties left for weeks smoldering in their rooms!
When your kids move out their rooms stay clean
1. Their rooms stay clean.

It’s the little things, like walking by their bedrooms and not having to say: clean up your room!

Miss your kids get a dog no talking back
2. Murphy is the best dog, she’s been the focus of our attention since both of our children are out on their own.

We debated on another dog, we’re so glad we found Murphy. She is the sweetest pup!

Empty nester its not so bad

Find your passion and make it happen. When the kids leave, you’ll have plenty of time. No more running to practice or dropping them off at their friends house. Re-invent yourself.

Progresso soup and cornbread for two empty nesters
4. Hearty meals for two, our favorite is the Progresso Beef Pot Roast soup with cornbread. With tender pieces of beef and chunky potatoes, you’d think I spent hours in the kitchen. The dirty dish count has gone down tremendously. We love working on projects together and for a quick hot meal, nothing beats Progresso soup. Love that they have a variety to choose from, the Beef Pot Roast is only 110 calories per serving! If you’re in the mood for chicken, I suggest the Chicken & Sausage Gumbo, yum!

Progresso Beef Pot Roast perfect for two people

Less laundry for the empty nester
5. This is a biggie, less laundry to do! Hello, no more piles of dirty clothes laying around their bedrooms.How many times have you heard, I have nothing to wear!


Prepare your kids, celebrate their wins, talk about their challenges. Give them space and watch them fly!

There’s hope my friends, embrace the nest!

Less time in the kitchen when you are an empty nester

It’s just us tonight, come on honey, lets eat!





    16 thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging”

    1. I love the story of how your son got you blogging! I started blogging when mine were still home and still semi young. My youngest is now getting ready to leave for college in January! Empty nest here we come! Love the less meal prep aspect! Boys can eat! 😉 xo

    2. It is such a challenge figuring out who you are when your main identity has been “mom” for so many years. and then all of the sudden your role changes. While it’s a good thing that we have done a our job and prepared them to leave the nest it doesn’t make it any less hard when our nest is empty. Reinventing yourself in your blog was the perfect solution and you are so talented at what you do!

    3. As a new empty nester just this year, your post helped me so much! Fortunately, I started my blog before they both went to college, but now I have more time to work on it. Thanks for helping me realize the upside and that the sadness will pass! XO Christy (So blessed that blogging brought us together!)

    4. I started blogging while my kids were 10 and 14 but didn’t get really serious until about 3 years ago. It has literally saved me! Our daughter is married and our son is a junior in college. I don’t really know what I would be doing all day long if I didn’t have my blog…not to mention my VA work and the income. The income alone has helped pay for the wedding and now is putting our son through college.

      GREAT post!

    5. I thought it would be so much harder than it’s been, especially since Austin was our first. last and only. I’m so thankful I’ve got blogging to keep me busy too. I enjoy when he comes home to visit and I’m looking forward to seeing him for Thanksgiving. I do the Progresso Rotini Pasta with Chicken a lot! Sprinkle a little cheese on top, and warm up a French roll. Yum.

      • I know it makes me so happy to have my kids home!! And they will be for Christmas! Enjoy him at Thanksgiving, I know you’ll be cooking all his favorites 🙂

    6. Is THAT why I started blogging? Well, sort of. In my case, it was no daughter, no husband, no job. voila! Time to re-invent myself.

      I love Progresso soup on a chilly afternoon or evening. I just can’t bring myself to eat soup in the summertime… go figure!


    7. We are getting close to this milestone, not sure I’m ready for it. Yes, it would be nice to walk by clean rooms and bathrooms, I may have to look back on this piece to remind myself to find the good parts of the empty nest! Thanks.


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