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31 Rustic DIY Home Decor Projects

Rustic DIY home decor has been around a lot longer than Chip and Joanna. I know it’s hard to believe, but we were distressing furniture pieces and eating off farm tables back in the 80’s at my house. Sure there are some things I’d love to forget, like the smokey blue and dusty mauve and let’s not forget about duck wallpaper. What can I say, I may of had all that too!

31 Rustic DIYs For Home Decor

Luckily today I’m sharing some current, DIY home decor ideas from my blogger friends that you can do!

31 Rustic DIYs For Home Decor


31 Rustic DIYs For Home Decor


  1. Another great website, that shows you how to make jar centerpieces is sunshineandapplesauce.com

  2. I love the memo and message boards because they are cute and useful

  3. I especially like the pics hanging on the ladder. Great idea

  4. I love all these great ideas. Thanks!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing my message board : )

  6. Christine Holliday

    I love the ladder idea. I have a ton of old blankets that should be on display. We have some old bent up aluminum ladders in the back 40, I was thinking maybe I could paint one of those up…

  7. I love DIY, what a sense of accomplishment

  8. I absolutely love this blog. I’ve always piddled at DIY but never seriously. After losing my job a few months ago ( I call it pre-retirement!) I’ve been obsessed with DIY. Thanks, Debbie, for the inspiration. I’m creating masterpieces, in my mind anyway! Two thumbs up!

  9. Love your blog, pinterest and all the DIY’s. I love the fact you stepped out of your box and were in a fashion show. Bravo, lady!

  10. So many great ideas! And such talented ladies.

  11. Thank you for the great do-able ideas!

  12. I love rustic projects! I have a bunch of rustic wood just hanging around waiting for a purpose. 🙂


  13. Lots a great ideas and inspiration! Thanks.

  14. Love all the imagination!

  15. I just love the inspiration I get here. Now all I need is a space to do all the projects I have saved.

  16. Great ideas! Looking for inspiration to reuse the wood from our floors….thanks!

  17. I love that show….pretty much love all those DYI shows!! And lets not forget PINTEREST! Great job on these projects. Love the ladder for sure.

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