A Nest for All Seasons

One simple natural element, oh the possibilities!

The idea started with a magazine copy cat challenge. More about that at the end.


And I thought, why stop there.

I wanted to show how you can reuse the nest for each season.


By combining the starfish, nest and white dishes, you have a summer look.

Same place card (a stencil was used to write my name).

You could use this idea to label food items on a buffet.


Add a colorful leaf, simple beauty.

You could use any fall shape, a pumpkin, a turkey (these leaves came from the Dollar Tree~10 in a pack for $1).

The nest made an appearance all year long.

The next time you see them, I’d buy 8-12 and find a way to use them.

Now on to the magazine challenge,

from Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing:

I love these challenges because they make me think.

And I have a gazillion magazines.  This is from an oldie, but a goodie.

I used some real and faux flowers.

A pinecone, the same nest and place card.

Add some greenery.

The inspiring magazine:

Cooking with Paula Deen

(click on the above link to order her magazine-she didn’t tell me to say that-but I did see her in Sam’s in Savannah one time, but that was before I started blogging-and I did go up and talk to her-because I do stuff like that-just ask The Nester :)

Premier Issue (2005)

The inspiration page:

and here’s what I came up with:

My page take 1.

Take 2.

I couldn’t decide which one to use.

Go through those magazines and get inspired!

p.s. I love Paula Deen!

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  1. 1
    Kim says:

    You did such a good job. I haven’t even had time to look at my magazines much less create something from them. I am so bad.

  2. 2
    Martina says:

    Debbie I LOVE your copy cat in all the seasons!! Great job! Love Paula too:)

  3. 3

    Well,you are so clever. I would never have thought of all those various ways to use a nest. Great job and so creative. Hugs, Marty

  4. 4

    Hi Debbie,

    Love the name card!
    The place setting as well those little dishes with the snowflakes so festive!
    Traditional with a nod to nature…Love it!
    I love Paula too!
    All the Best,

  5. 5
    kathy t says:

    Hi there you can bet “cha we will all be buying little nests next time we are out :-) very creative use of your stash all year round–thanks for sharing

  6. 6

    I have that same magazine, and I think I like your recreation even better than the original. Love Paula, too. Will be looking for little nests now!

  7. 7
    Kimberly says:

    I just love this idea. I think I’ll use it for Christmas myself!

  8. 8
    Gina says:

    Oh Debbie, I love this! The nest is beautiful & your copycat photo is wonderful. I need to copycat this idea! Excellent job.

  9. 9
    Barb says:

    You did a great job with the copy cat design! What a fun way to use the nest for all seasons.

  10. 10
    carmella says:

    Oh Debbie! This is beautiful…I like the “take one” copy cat…well, really I love them both!! I do believe I first “met” you from your first copy cat challenge and once again you have blown me away! I love how you have shown it in all the seasons…great ideas here!

  11. 11

    Oh this is such a great idea! I am now ready to go pine cone hunting today!!

  12. 12
    debbie says:

    You are just amazing Debbie! I enjoy coming over here so much because you are so darn creative. You style your photos so pretty too. I am telling you, look out for those editors, they may comma knockin!

  13. 13
    Dawn says:

    Love your copy cat. I think yours looks better than the original. Debbie has such fun parties.

  14. 14
    Tracy says:

    I love the little nests for all seasons! You did a great job on your copycat challenge too. Paula is awesome, I just love her cookware (aqua speckled… so pretty!)

    Have a nice week and thanks for your visit!

  15. 15
    Rosemary says:

    Awesome job Debbie.

  16. 16
    Farah says:

    Oh Debbie with what a perfection you copy the thing… I ts so lovely and refreshing …. very beautiful…
    Happy if you come to see me at
    with love from

  17. 17

    This is great. Hope I can find them, I want to set my table wth them for a church banquet.

    Cathy’s Cupboard Calamity

  18. 18

    What a cute idea! Love it! Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  19. 19
    sonny says:

    Love what you did… Bird nests are a favorite of mine so yours drew my eye right away.. very creative and great copy cat~!

  20. 20
    Gail says:

    O’Debbie, how beautiful! Now you have me rethinking my Christmas tablescape in the dining room. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. 21
    Sush says:

    Beautimous…I love dressing my table for the holidays! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for the nests!


  22. 22
    Vanessa says:

    Debbie this is SO fantastic!! I love that you went the next step (or 3 or 4!) and showed how to make this work for every season. So many possibilities! Your photos look like they are the ones which belong in the magazine! :-)

  23. 23

    Love it! I adore the way you changed it up for each season. SO cute and clever!

  24. 24
    Cindy says:

    Love your copycat place settings!!! So pretty and inviting. Going to go snoop around your blog. Thank you for following and I’m following back. Off now to explore ~ Cindy

  25. 25
    Pam says:

    You are very clever. I would have never thought of a nest for Christmas.

  26. 26
    Karen says:

    Debbie you did an outstanding job. I love the way you did the nest for all the seasons. Your photography is really amazing. You are so talented.

  27. 27

    I really enjoyed your copy cat and the nest for all seasons. Great job!

  28. 28

    Do you mind if I say “forget about the nest”? I’m totally crushing on the TAG with your name on script paper. I’m so doing this!

  29. 29

    There’s something so sweet and comforting about having nests in your decor. I can’t imagine my home without at least one setting out somewhere…. :) Thanks for the great seasonal ideas, Debbie!
    xoxo laurie

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