Better Homes and Gardens Dinnerware

 White dinnerware is my favorite!


When I was contacted by Better Homes and Gardens to see if I wanted to review their new collection of porcelain dinnerware available exclusively at Walmart, I said yes!

I am going to show you three different and easy ideas for entertaining with the white dinnerware and some of the accessories that I bought with the gift card they sent me.


I bought this awesome plaid table cloth, a set of silverware, apple bowls and a wire bread basket.

When I’m decorating for a get together, I try to incorporate items that are in season.  Guess what’s in season right now, apples!

Idea #1

Apple bowls

The plaid tablecloth is perfect for the casual get together!  The wire basket can hold bread or use it to decorate with.

Apple Bowl

These apple bowls look so good combined with the square plates!  They are the perfect size for soup, cereal or a bowl of chili.

Green from around the house.

I gathered greenery and white containers and used them with the basket of apples for a center piece.

Idea #2

Apple Place Card

My accent color for this tablescape is green, green apples and washi tape place cards look perfect.  I also removed the tablecloth for a little more formal look.

Green Apple

The way I test silverware is by the tines on the forks, some are not comfortable when your eating. These passed the test and they are great.  Have you eaten with a fork that just didn’t feel right?

Green White

For the third idea, set up a buffet.  During the holidays and when you’re expecting a big crowd, it’s easy to let everyone serve themselves.  I’m all for easy and someone serving themselves 😉

BHG Buffet

The Better Homes and Gardens silverware is wrapped in white napkins.


I used the BHG wire basket to hold them.  They are ready to grab, take a plate and fill it with food.

Dinnerware on buffet

My sugar mold, filled with candles is a perfect accent on the buffet.


When guest arrive it will look like you’ve spent all day prepping, even though you didn’t.


Each set of dinnerware comes with 4 each cups, dinner plates, salad plates and bowls.

This set is beautiful and I can see using it for formal and casual dining.

Ready for serving

Be sure to check out the new line of Better Homes and Gardens products at Walmart  and their accessories!

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Thank you Better Homes and Gardens for providing me with the beautiful white porcelain dinnerware sets and the gift card to buy accessories.



  1. says

    I’m impressed with the BHG products! I love white dishes too and yes, the tines of a fork are so important! You’re the first one I’ve known to mention it. :)

    Beautiful table settings!


  2. Jen says

    Very pretty! Love all the ways you presented the dishes. May need to run out and get a set! In love with the buffet!

  3. says

    Debbie, I have to say I’m a big fan of white dinnerware too! Something about it always looks so good when setting a table. And, this BHG collection with it’s modern yet classic take really catches my eye. I think I need to take a trip over to Walmart. Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers to you and yours,

  4. says

    White dinnerware is a must! In fact, in my opinion it’s all you need. I have been a fan of BHG since I was a little girl and my mom used to subscribe to their magazine. I’m so glad they put an affordable line of products in Walmart.

  5. says

    Ok there is so much to love I am not sure where to start! I bought some stuff from the BHG collection at Walmart a few months ago and I totally love it! Your new white pieces are so versatile and stylish!

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