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As Murphy discussed on Monday, well she did, I have been working on some curtains.  When am I ever going to learn to just buy stuff!  Never, I’m sure.  I broke two needles and I think my feeds need some kind of adjustment!  I started out with my new machine, finished with my old singer!

I cut a flat king sized sheet 2 inches less than the width of the burlap (I left the burlap 7 inches longer than needed, so that I could have a 4″ bottom hem. Hemmed the bottom of the burlap, sewed each of the long sides together leaving the top and bottom open. I ironed the sides, when you look at it from the back, the burlap wraps around, forming the lined drape look. ( When I lined up the fabric, at the bottom, I left the hem of the sheet. I positioned it one inch above the hemmed burlap, so that it wouldn’t show.) Sides and bottom are done, fold over the top and sew, once you’ve determined the length.








(Two things about the pic above that I found funny: my sewing is perfectly straight (not) and I have man-hands-if you watched Seinfeld, you know what I’m talking about!)










Flash, no flash, daylight, night time oh well, I hope you get what I was going for!  It’s hard to take good pictures of windows!

Thanks for checking out my latest project!

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  1. Love it!!!

  2. They look outstanding! I made some for my kitchen last year…I also used a white sheet for the lining (very thrifty)!!! Love your centerpiece on the kitchen table.


  3. Your curtains look just beautiful. Such a great idea to line it with a sheet. I’m going to have to make some of these when I get to my loft curtains. Sweet!

  4. You did a great job on those curtains! And I love your last post on blackberry cobbler. Yum! Can’t wait to pick some blackberries.

  5. Would love to feature this/ email me!

  6. The curtains turned out beautifully!! Love me some burlap!!

  7. Well done they look beautiful!

  8. Love those burlap drapes. Perfect!

  9. Those are fantastic. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  10. Wow, they look great! I really want some in my house. I might have to pull out the sewing machine.

  11. Hi Debbie, I see you leave comments in your comment section which is great. However, just know not everyone comes back to read them all the time. Just hoping you go visit some from the newbie party and of course other parties whom visit. We all love our visits and comments on our blogs. Thanks Debbie!~

    • Debbie, I love visiting the participates of the newbie party! I am following several and some are following me! Thanks so much for hosting!

  12. I love your burlap curtains, Debbie. The texture to them is amazing…..and I know what you mean about photographing windows….so tricky! Your curtains look so pretty on those lovely windows.

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