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Easter Fun

Easter Fun Ideas

I love spending time with my grandsons.  They love experimenting in the kitchen.

So I came up with this little project for us 🙂

Easter cupcakes

I just baked the cupcakes from a yellow cake mix.

Other ingredients used:

Wilton Cupcake Wraps (Easter Baskets to us)

Malted Milk Easter Eggs


Edible Grass


Wilton Cupcake wraps

Assemble your cupcake wraps.

Icing cupcake

Put icing on your cupcake.

They love using their little knives (spreaders).


Test the malted milk eggs

Make sure the malted milk eggs taste good, they do!

Cupcake Icing

Icing tastes great too!

Edible Grass

Open your edible grass, do a taste test.

Agree to never eat this again!

None of us liked the grass 🙁

cupcakes for Easter

Easter Cupcake

We had fun,


Lawson Edible Grass

we removed the grass

and enjoyed the cupcakes!

But here’s another recipe that we all loved!

bird nest recipe




  1. So funny about the grass!! lol They are cute though!!!

  2. Fun stuff!!! I wanna come back at your place 😉

  3. What a SUPER cute project. Those boys are so lucky!

  4. Oh how cute! You are the best to them! They always look like they are having such a great time with you Debbie. Those cupcakes turned out super fun…thnaks for the icky tip on the grass..was wondering what it was like! 😉 Have a wonderful day! Bonnie

  5. OK…. note to myself: Bliss, do not think you have to try the edible grass. But buy peeps.


  6. So fun, Debbie! I love the looks on their faces! xo Kristin

  7. cute until you told us the grass was ucky. were did you get the grass?

  8. Yummy! What a fun Grandma you are!

  9. I want to see some pix of y’all tasting the yummy grass! lol
    I live it!

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