Gold Glass Cloche

Make any cupcake a celebration

with this Gold Glass Cloche.

Dollar tree cloche

Cloches have been around for a few hundred years and my guess is they will be around for a lot more.

They come in all shapes, sizes, price ranges and are used for many things.

Dollar Tree Candle holder

I made mine from 2 glass candle holders and glass bowl from Dollar Tree.

dollar cloche 4

Before I glued the the two candle holders, I sprayed them with gold spray paint.

I only sprayed the bottom of the flat candle holder.

Dollar cloche 2

Alone the two candle holders make the cupcake feel special.

dollar cloche 8

Turn the glass bowl upside down, glue a wooden knob to the top and you’ve created a cupcake cloche.

dollar cloche 7

Cupcake under glass!

dollar cloche 9

No longer just a cupcake.

dollar cloche 6

It’s more like a party!

For $3 – Create your own dessert cloche.

(I already had the spray paint and glue.)

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  1. says

    Simply love. I have a cupcake competition here in town and I may have to borrow this idea to display some. I love it. And spray paint can change the look and feel too. Thx for joining in the 1st Great Dollar Store Challenge. I pinned it! Hope you join up next month, too. :)
    Blessings, Barb

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