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How to reFresh your Porch

Refresh your porch!


Several areas outside my house need freshening up, I am starting with the porch. This is a pretty and practical do-it-yourself projects that anyone can do.  I have this beauty that my daughter bought me a long time ago and I can’t wait for you to see what I did!


It’s a great piece,  just the wrong color and it had been broken but someone repaired it.

Let me show you how I freshened it up!

You’ll need:

Spray paint

Sand paper


Object to be painted

This project cost me $0.00, zero.  I had everything and those kind of DIY projects make me very happy!

Sand your piece, clean and dry it.  Now you’re ready to spray paint.  I had all the supplies out so I painted a vase too!  Why not?

I have painted several glass/ceramic pieces and they have held up great.

Now you are ready to decorate with your piece.


What a difference and see how good the colors look together now.

Before accessories

Before I added the new old pieces.


After the addition of the garden stool and painted vase.

The free colorful decor is complete.

view from the porch

Time to relax and have some fun!  Come back Friday for a grilled dessert recipe that you’re sure to love!

I am so excited about my free makeover!  



  1. Your porch looks fantastic! And wow. The garden stool gives a wonderful pop of color. Love it! Stopping by from the BFF link up.

  2. I never thought of painting one of those garden stools — brilliant! Your porch looks great. The painted garden stool gives it an updated, modern look.

  3. Love it! Where’d you get the turtle pillows from?

  4. Love it!!! Where did you find the Suzanni rug?

  5. Hi Debbie, Where did you get the rug? LOVE IT! 🙂

  6. It’s fun to see what spray paint can do to change something to a solid fresh color.
    That’s why I love thrifting…always on the hunt for something to transform.
    Your color choices are always happy.
    Your Nostalgia furniture post was beautiful.

  7. Hi Debbie! I love your porch and your DIY project but I’m very curious about where you found the awesome rug?! It cements all of your pieces really well! My patio is turquoise, midnight blue, and a dark lime green…I think that rug would be perfect for us!!

  8. gorgeous! def just what the garden stool needed!

  9. Love the redo and your patio debbie.

  10. Girl you know I love a great spray paint makeover! That table looks so modern and fresh! Love it!

  11. Luv it Debbie. Luv the blue. Spray painting ceramics… I will have to try that. Thanks for the inspiration. Your porch is sooo inviting.
    Hugs, Gee

  12. Great job on your porch and thanks for the tips on refreshing with what you have!

  13. WOW!!! I have never thought to paint a garden seat. LOOKS AMAZING Debbie!!! LOVE your entire porch.

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