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Mason Jars

We had a fun weekend at Lake Martin with some high school friends and they were telling me about some cool wine glasses made with Mason jars.

Here’s my take on Redneck Wine Glasses: they are easy to make and fun to use, what great conversation pieces!  I glued the clear candle holders to the bottom of pint mason jars, same method as my Dollar Store Dining.

I even made some Redneck wine glass paper charms.

Make it fun by using all your family nicknames!

I printed these out on card stock and used a patterned punch.  Using the business card form from your word processing software,  you can make several and cut out to any shape.

These are family nicknames, the true identity of each family member will remain anonymous.

There’s just something about mason jars!

In order to center the candle holders, I applied them like this.  When the glue is wet, they tend to slide around a bit.  I put the glue on and turn them upside down to adjust the placement.

The finished product.  Add a charm with twine:

Enjoy your wine or sweet tea.


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  1. When using the E6000 make sure that you let the glass cure. It needs to set 72 hours and tell your gifters NOT to wash in the dishwasher. FYI

    • I have used the top rack for washing mine and have not had any glue failure. I like to take chances 😉 I know I can always re-glue! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love it! We actually saw these for sale in a North Carolina gift shop when we were on vacation earlier in the summer!

  3. saw these in a gift store the other day for $16.99 a piece. I cracked up.. I mean, really?? Think they are way cute though..

  4. Oh Debbie…saw these on pinterest!! Made some for my dad for Christmas! They were a hoot!! 🙂

  5. I am going to try this! I love it! My family would flip over this! I’m not into wine, but Kool-Aid is pretty redneck too!

  6. I LOVE this idea. People in our neighborhood are having a wine tasting party going house to house and I might have to borrow this theme for the tasting at our house and pair it with the Redneck brand wine they have here at a winery in NY. Thanks for this great idea!

  7. My sis in law just gave us a set of two. I’m thinking about making these to give as party favors. Also, a local guy makes them and puts a marble in the candle holder.

  8. Very clever and funny. Thanks for sharing. I’m visiting from Savvy Southern Style where Kim featured this post.
    ~ Sarah

  9. My friend told me about the redneck wine glasses and hubby made some over the weekend!! Yours are adorable and yes such a conversation piece!! I love to use the mason jars in decorating!!
    Hope you will stop by and visit with me!

  10. I have one!!! My friend/neighbor owns an adorable store in town (North Georgia Mountains) and she sells them there! When she brought hers home I new I had to have one!!!!

  11. Well I was referred over here from another blog…Savy Southern Style and I’m so glad I did! Too precious those red neck wine glasses. I am just gonna have to make several sets for my children and their families! Hope you don’t mind if I stick around here. I am in awe of this blog!


  12. These are too funny!!!! Love the idea!

  13. OMGosh, these are the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Hahahaaaa…just love ’em.
    Now, I am going to gather my materials and make these for my daughter and daughter in law as a little extra, fun
    REDNECK Christmas gift. I am soo excited.
    Thanks or the adorable idea…they will get such a kick out of them. My son and daughter in law have a big Texas grape vineyard and sell their grapes to a local winery. They will really get a kick out of these. :))
    xo bj
    OH, and I just became your 172nd follower..come see me. 🙂

  14. These are too funny. Thanks for sharing them at Wow.

  15. These are so funny… I think they would make a great gift.

  16. SO … I LOVE these, they turned out great, very very cute

  17. OMG! These are so funny and so redneck. Perfect for my family. I love mason jars!

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