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Oreo {Smoothie}

SmopthieThis year I’m making my resolutions as I go.  Is that  a resolution?

Do you spend a lot time doing things and ask yourself why?  I spend a lot of time on Pinterest.  Therefore, my resolution is to make some of the things that I pin. Oh yes, it is a resolution after all 🙂

This is really a twofer, little did I know that the smoothie was a Weight Watcher recipe!

1.  I created something from a pin on Pinterest.

2.  My weight might go down, if I use WW recipes…twofer

My pin Cookies and Cream Smoothie, just by the name you can see why I pinned it.


 1/2 C Milk

4 Oreo Cookies

2 C Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Oreo Cookies Milk

I used my hand mixer.  

(And I doubled the recipe.)


This is before it was blended.  I broke the cookies up, just to help the blending 🙂

Cookie Smoothie

Look how yummy it is!

refresh pitcher

I mixed it in my refresh pitcher that my daughter gave for my birthday.

Oreo Smoothie

They were great.

This “Pin” project was perfect!

Have you tried any of your pins?

Click here if you want to try and guess what I’m doing next =)

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  1. Debbie, I must try this. It looks so yummy.

  2. An Oreo and Weight Watchers? No way. That is just like a honeymoon in the kitchen.

  3. You put me in a terrible position. I had to lie to my stomach and tell it I did NOT just read this oreo post in order to protect my thighs.


  4. I want a smoothie! and I love your idea, I love making things up as I go!

  5. yum.

    Hawaii would be better with this :)))

  6. You crack me up! That in no way will help either of us shed pounds. 😀 Instead….I think I might gain several. That absolutely looks addicting!!!! 😀 Yummmmmeeeeee!!!

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