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Organization Tips

Organization tips that really work. The key to keeping everything in order is to have a place where everything belongs! These ideas have really helped find a home for items that can get out of hand quickly!organization tipConfession time.  There have been many items purchased in my life to help me stay organized.  Books, baskets, boxes, you name it.

The three items that I’m sharing today are tried and true.  They have been around for a couple years and have kept me organized in a few areas.  

Being organized is hard for me, I tend to hold on to things for way too long.

My son blames it on my personality type.  Based on his studies, not studies of me, but studies of personality types 😉  He said that I want to be and I even convince myself that I am.  Organized that is, but I’m really not.  (Sad thing is, he is the same as me.) I’ve included my favorite organizing ideas with my Amazon affiliate links for your convenience. 

Let’s get organized, once and for all!


Hanging organizer

I ordered a couple of these Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry and Accessories Organizer, White Vinyl
and they hang in my closet.  They have 80 wonderful pockets, that stay filled to the brim.

jewelry drawer organizerFor my everyday jewelry, the stuff I wear most often, one similar to this is located in my one of my vanity drawers.

Makeup drawer organizerThis white one, Madesmart 3 by 15 by 11-1/2-Inch Junk Drawer Organizer, White, works great to hold my makeup, toothpaste, and the ever changing miracle creams.

 Here’s what they look like:

Tips for staying organized

I hope my organization tips have been helpful!

Big plans every year, some fall through the crack, except for these three!

Find what works for you and stick with it.

Who knows, maybe there’s hope for me after all!

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Organize Tips - a place for everything and everything and everything in it's place



  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I use shoe bags to hold my craft supplies.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I’m in total organization mode right now and love to find new ways to corral my junk!! 🙂

  3. Awesome Debbie! I really need to get my jewelry organized so I love your ideas. Now to actually take them and do something with them. LOL!

  4. Great ideas Debbie! I’ve seen the hanging jewelry organizers and love that you can SEE the items in there. And I thought they were just for traveling. These would work great for me in my closet! I also need to get more of those junk drawer organizers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You’re so right–the miracle creams are ever-changing, aren’t they? Great ideas, Debbie, and thanks for spreading the word about Operation: Organization!

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