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Natural Citrus Cleaner

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Don’t you love cleaning with vinegar?

How about the smell?

Yes, exactly!

Today I’m sharing a recipe for a

Natural Citrus Cleaner!

Natural Citrus Cleaner - DIY

How to create a Natural Citrus cleaner #naturalcleaner #vinegar #citruscleaner

Add the peel from an orange, lime or grapefruit to a jar.

Pour in 3 cups of white vinegar.

Seal and store for 2 weeks.

Strain and pour 1 cup of the vinegar mixture in  a spray bottle.

Finishing filling with water.

Clean until your hearts content 🙂

Natural Orange Cleaner - DIY Instructions #naturalcleaner

Make your own Natural Citrus Cleaner #naturalcleaner #vinegar #orange cleaner

My friend Karen said when they cook fish or other smelly food they just sit out a container with vinegar in it to absorb odors.  She told me that the other day when I was apologizing, because my house smelled like bacon.  Not that bacon is a bad thing, but who wants their guest to smell bacon when they walk in the front door?!

 Natural Citrus Cleaner  - DIY

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Citrus Cleaner #diy #natural

    8 thoughts on “Natural Citrus Cleaner”

    1. I had been mopping with vinegar, but even though it gets things clean, it stinks, bad. My husband hates the smell of it, so we switched to fabuloso floor wash, which smells amazing and does a good job cleaning, but probably isn’t all that natural. I wonder if this would work for mopping too… I’ll have to make some and find out!

    2. My kids can smell vinegar a mile away, they complain so I never use it. But then again…. I don’t clean that much anymore either! (Shhhhh don’t tell).


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