Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells

I have wanted this rug to put under my dream table…I didn’t want to pay full price…

I’m just like that.

While I was taking a break from painting this week, I found myself wandering around thrift stores.

That’s how I relax, by searching for more stuff to paint.

Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells

and this caught my eye =)

Could it be?  Yes, it was!

Can you imagine walking in and finding the rug of your dreams? I love the look and feel of this rug. It’s soft on the feet and the neutral color goes with everything. We don’t have a formal bone in our bodies, and all the spaces in our home are casual. You can feel comfortable anywhere, put your feet up and relax. That’s just how we live.

Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells

And it’s the 8′ one.

Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells

and it was 1/4 the price,

Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells

The Pottery Barn rug looks amazing under the round table!

Yes, inexpensive dreams do come true.

If you are patient and lucky and thrift as much as I do.


The crazy thing about the day I found the rug,

I also found this:

Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells

You can never have enough bent lamp shades

and sea shells.

Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells

I opened up the base of that lamp,

poured out my treasure

and separated the shells.

Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells

I put some in this fish bowl and some in a dough bowl.

Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells

I took a step back, looked at the rug and looked at those shells

and smiled.

I think the table smiled too.

Pottery Barn Rug and Sea Shells


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  1. says

    You scored some nice finds I’d say!!! Love the shells in the doughbowl! I have 3 seagrass rugs from PB and LOVE them. They hold up and clean up so well. They’ve survived 4 messy kids and a dog for 8 years so far.

  2. says

    LOVE that rug, oh yes!!! It looks perfect with your table & chairs too! I like the lamp as well, I have sooo many bottles of beach treasures and I’ve been looking for a glass lamp like yours in the thrift shops – hopefully I can get one too soon!!

  3. says

    It was meant to be then…rug & seashells! Maybe not the bent lamp shade though. lol
    The rug is a perfect addition to your dining set.

  4. says

    Nothing is more satisfying than finding what you are looking for at a steal of a price….you were drawn to that rug. The lamp shade – lol! Love the round rug under your table – beautiful!

  5. says

    Wow, what great deals. Love the rug and I don’t pay full price for their stuff either. What a great way to get a nice shell collection.

  6. says

    What a fab find Debbie!! That rug couldn’t be any more perfect :) And what a great haul on the seashells. That is a ton~o~shells lady. You sure displayed them pretty :)))

    Don’t ya LOVE thrifting?!

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