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Shabby Oak End Table

It’s not like I don’t like wood.

It was just so pretty outside,

and the wood was just an excuse to get out there and sand something.

After I sanded it, I had to paint it.

And it was still pretty outside, so I distressed it.

I added a couple of jewels.

The weather has been perfect


lightening up.

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  1. Shannon Longfellow

    It’s perfect! Did u use chalk paint or spray?

  2. Debbie that turned out just perfect! Thanx for sharing at THT!

  3. Glad to see you took full advantage of the beautiful day! It’s gorgeous!!

  4. Debbie, I just bought this end table at the thrift store for $4. Yours look great!! Will work on mine!!

  5. Debbie, it looks fabulous! Will it find a home in your home? BTW, I’m excited about your booth for refreshed items! Best wishes, Helen

  6. See? Beautiful weather leads to beautiful projects. 🙂 And rainy days lead to laziness. It’s natural, right?

    Gorgeous update!

  7. Debbie,

    Your photography is amazing! I love the table, too! What a great transformation!


  8. Beautiful results on your end table! Now it can start it’s brand new life!

  9. beautiful end table makeover. You really gave it new life:doens’t even look the same table! Bravo!!

  10. Nothing like working outdoors in one of these beautiful spring days! The end result, Cuteness!!

  11. I love how you distressed it! The black knobs reall make it pop!

  12. Love it!
    …do I spy an old dollhouse way in the back of one of those pics?

  13. Love it Debbie and love the new jewels on it too!!

  14. So cute. Love those curvy legs too!! So sex~ay 😉 hehe

  15. fresh and lite! nice. the wood was just too dark!

  16. Keeping or selling? I think it’s a keeper! I am having so much trouble not keeping everything that I paint right now. I have to force myself to put it in my truck!


  17. another beautiful piece as usual Debbie!!! I am gonna have to catch up. I hope you booth is doing awesome!
    I don’t see how it couldn’t be!

  18. Really that is the same piece? It looks great love what direction you went with the furniture.

  19. Love this piece Deb. I see you are painting again today. I may have to do the same:) Enjoy!

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