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So easy even this cave woman

can do it!


I thought about not even mentioning this, but here goes.

I was looking for some red paper to make name tags with.  I have every color, but could not find the right shade of red.  Then I looked down and saw this!

Yes, I do like to recycle.  So I used my punch—speaking of punches—they have some really large ones at Hobby Lobby and I would love to have one!!

You can’t tell they were cut from a Verizon bag and besides the money that I paid for that phone, I should get a bonus out of it!

I will be punching everything now, I feel kind of silly even talking about it.

But if this helps one person, it’s a plus in my book!

and then I ended up posting pictures so these guys could see their name 🙂

and you’re going to see this table setting about three times

because I blogged about three different things I did for the table setting!

I hope you don’t get tired of seeing it!

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  1. Linda@Coastal Charm

    Now I would say thats pretty NIFTY THRIFTY!!!! One day I’m going to get me one of those cool gadgets.


  2. I’m glad to know someone else will search high and low for the right color! What a great recycling idea, too!

  3. Love that idea Debbie! I will never look at shopping bags the same way again! 🙂 Hope you have a truly blessed Thanksgiving friend…we are SO thankful for you!

  4. Wow now that was truly brilliant and innovative. I love the idea. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I love it and recycling… great idea, thanks! Off to Hobby Lobby to buy a punch for gift tags 🙂

  6. This is one of those “hit yourself in the forehead” moments. Why didn’t I think of that? Thank you for sharing! Love, Me http://www.youaretalkingtoomuch.com

  7. cave woman…the boys have not got to see their name on the blog yet…thanks to school….lol, but jas and i want to know what is in the boxes? oh yea, i am liking the place settings!

  8. Way to think outside the ‘bag’ 😉 I love that you found the red, instead of running out and buying it!

  9. You are so smart- I never get tired of seeing and learning about your projects- cause you are like me- YOU TELL EVERYTHING!!! We would have never known this was a Verizon bag! But sounds so much like something I would do as well! When the mood strikes you- you are ready to “get ‘er done”! (And I love the “so easy a cave woman can do it!” Now I am gender sensitive when I hear that saying!)
    Thanks for making me smile! (And also that I am way behind on decorating!)
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Great idea!! I didn’t know there were such large punches…thanks!

  11. Love it. Great, easy and you are recycling. I I have some bags that will be perfect name tags!

  12. What a good idea! It is a wonderful red. I like you place setting and many of the other projects you’ve posted. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. I am going to Hobby Lobby today to look for those large punches! This is such a great idea to make your own gift tags. And I love how you recycled the bag.

  14. These are cute. Like that you used a verizon bag – great to reuse items. I love the large selection of punches available..we have Michaels and Joann’s but no HL yet. Always tough to decide which one/s to puchase, though. It is great that the shape you chose can be used for any occasion. Pretty settings.

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