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How to Create a Basket Filled with Flowers

Mrs. P has been following my blog since it started.  She saw the door decor that I made, and decided she wanted one two for her house.  We took a field trip to Hobby Lobby, just in time for the 50% off on floral and greenery!  We talked through the colors that she likes and the limitations of her door, brick and trim colors.  Strolling around Hobby Lobby, we picked up a variety of flowers, holding them as a bunch and deciding what she liked.

Spring flowers in a basket.

Don’t these look real???!!!

We searched for the typical basket, grapevine container and came up empty handed.  Mrs. P spotted what looked like a purse basket with handles and a fabric liner. Would this work? What do you think! We got enough supplies to change out her side door arrangement and here it is!

So when your thinking arrangement, don’t limit yourself to the usual! This cute basket is doing the job and looks great!

On the path leading to the side door, I had to stop and take these pictures. I think she has a green thumb!

I love this time of year, there’s nothing like an inviting entrance!



  1. Hi Debbie
    I hung my basket two ways. I used a wide ribbon,from the basket and brought it to te top of the door,and made a pretty bow at the top. I also used two hooks that stuck tote door, hung the basket on the hooks. You don’t need the ribbon. It just added a ex special look for Holidays.

  2. Do you know what color the door is painted?

  3. Just gorgeous! Now can you come on a Field Trip with me to HobLob! I need to figure something out for welcome basket I have.

  4. I am sooooo copying this idea! Question – what is the easiest way to hang on the door? thanks!!

  5. Lovely arrangements… The orchids look lovely….!!

  6. Love, love, love the basket on the red door. So unique and beautiful.

  7. Hi Debbie, it looks so lovely. Wondering how heavy it was and how you attached it to the door so that it didn’t ‘blow in the wind’


    • Hey Jane! Mrs. P has a large door knocker on her front door, and we wired it to it. I really wasn’t that heavy, but we wanted it secure, for when the wind blows. Thanks for checking it out!

  8. Hi! I saw this on Kim’s feature post. Love it! I have a red front door too…it’s sometimes hard to get flowers to show up from the curb. This arrangement really pops. I may gave to get over to my Hobby Lobby and see what I can come up with. Thanks for some great inspiration. I’m a new follower…come and visit my blog if you have time. ~Ann

  9. Those are such pretty baskets you made. Now I need to go get me some new flowers for my door. I love the ones draping down. Adds softness. Thanks for joining the party last week.

  10. This is absolutely beautiful… and so different from the typical wreath. Thanks for sharing!

  11. That looks beautiful. I did something like that for my Christmas door arrangement. I usually do a wreath of some sort, but like changing it up once-in-awhile. I also really like the wine bottle torch — very clever. Just another excuse to sip more wine — you just do what you have to do, right?

  12. Hi Debbie, What gorgeous arrangements!! I just found your lovely blog and I am now a follower.

  13. Hali Maria Latino

    WOW! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  14. How beautiful! This really makes me want to start replanting. You have great photography too, which makes it even more gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  15. WOW, that is great! I love that front door way!

  16. Mrs. P arrangments looks great .. another beautiful job Debbie …

  17. Gorgeous flower arrangements! And I love that Hibiscus she has growing. We have two trees currently setting up residence in our office until the weather warms up. The flowers are to die for…

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