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How to Age Clay Pots

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Spring has sprung and it’s coming up pansies! Our Celebrations of Home group of bloggers is back the month with ideas for spring! Be sure to see all the spring has sprung ideas at the end of the post!

I love the time worn look of clay pots, don’t you? What do you do when you don’t have any old pots?

Let me show you how to age clay pots…

Planting pansies in my aged clay pots, you can age them yourself. Come see how I did it!

Spring planting pansies in aged clay potsEasy project and I think you will love the results! 

Aging clay pots with 2 products perfect for planting in a time worn pot, immediately!

You will need:

  • Clay pots
  • Embossing Cream (I used Maison Blanche Glacage Natural)
  • Hair dryer to speed things up.
  • Outdoor paint ( I used Maison Blanche)

Apply the embossing cream in areas to create raised and cracked areas. Dry the embossing cream. Paint with a dry brush lightly dipped in your paint. Dry completely and plant your pansies or other flowers of choice.

Aging New terra cotta pots, for when you don't want them to look new

Purple pansies in aged clay pots, you can age new pots and create a worn look.

Aged clay pots perfect for planting spring pansies

Aged clay pots planted with pansies perfect for spring decorating

I love having a variety of pansies planted in small aged clay pots, I use them to decorate for spring. They last a lot longer than cut flowers and they look great spread around your patio and on the dining table outside. Heck, I’ve used them inside for a centerpiece also!

You can make your own potting table, just like I did. Find the instructions here:

Free woodworking plans to build a potting bench

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I love spring and all these beautiful ideas from our Celebrations of Home group!

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    1. How fun!!!! I have a super huge clay pot in my basement and I think I will have to try this. I don’t have the same product, but maybe I can think of something. I absolutely MUST make one of your potting benches. I need a new one as the table I was using fell apart. Happy Spring, my friend. xxoo, Barb


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