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Apothecary Makeover

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I love painting furniture, thanks to Maison Blanche Paint Company for sponsoring this post.

For two years this cutie has been forgotten, left for spider webs and dust, just existing…in the garage. It’s a piece that my little sister found 6 or 7 years ago. A mass produced, non antique kinda piece that you can find anywhere. As we’re preparing for a move, we’ve been culling items from my garage stash. This piece is a keeper, especially now: Apothecary Makeover.

apothecary-makeover-with-chalk based paint maison-blanche


Before and After of the apothecary makeover.


Apothecary Makeover Steps:

Products used:

  • Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint color: Oyster
  • Paint brush
  • Clear wax
  • Mixture of water/vinegar to clean
  • Screwdriver to remove hardware


Use a screwdriver to remove the hardware, these screws are tiny, be careful not to strip them. Clean well with a mixture of vinegar/water to remove debris and greasy fingerprints, believe me were a lot of finger prints on/near these pulls!




Maison Blanche Oyster is my favorite off white paint color. It’s light and creamy and beautiful.



Here you can tell where I’ve added the second coat. I am guilty of painting too many coats only to distress them right off. It’s called overkill and yes, I’m guilty of it.

I painted and distressed this piece in my kitchen. Wet distressing in my favorite way to add a worn look. No dust! I used baby wipes to distress my lamps and mirror projects. For this one I used a sponge and t-shirt. See my video at the bottom to see how I wet distress.





Wet distressing video:

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For information and tutorials about the products and step by step instructions, check out Maison Blanche’s You Tube Channel. See the list of retailers here to buy these products.


    26 thoughts on “Apothecary Makeover”

    1. I paint everything too. Grew up in a house where everything was stained. Overkill for me. You do such beautiful work. Thanks — looking forward to seeing your newly remodeled, redecorated home. J

    2. I love this piece it is such a useful piece to have and fairly versatile to use in a number of locations. I do like the painted look, however personally, I would prefer to have it have this piece in my home in its original state as I love the wood look.

    3. Beautiful job on the apothecary cabinet Debbie. It looks fabulous painted. I was just telling some friends today I’m so over wood-tones. 😉

      Love your video!

      pinning, sharing on fb.



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