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Milk Shakes, a cheerleader and Slim-Fast

This is a story about pecan milk shakes, a cheerleader and Slim-Fast. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but jealousy and milkshakes do not make for a good combo. Life got busy.  I didn’t have time to think about what I was eating, or at least that’s what I tell myself. I gave up my daily walks and my line dancing.  I was too busy working hard–wasn’t that enough? Me I’m ready to look like I did in the picture on the right.

I started painting and selling furniture a little over a year ago.  Things were going really well.  I was in a whirlwind: shopping for pieces to refresh, cleaning, painting, finishing them and driving two hours roundtrip to take them to the store. One day I took a friend along to deliver my furniture. She introduced me to the best pecan milkshake in the world.  So once a week, when I delivered my furniture, you know what I did?  I’d stop on my way for a milkshake.  At first it was a small one, it went down fast and tasted so great. I did feel guilty because I had maintained my weight for a while.  I told myself that I was working hard and I could get the weight off–all I had to do was eat a few salads and skip a few meals.  I’d drive by telling myself that I didn’t need one this week, and then on the way home the truck would get in the turn lane and exit.  It was hot–I had just worked several hours, unloading furniture and restyling my area.  I deserved a sweet refreshing pecan milkshake, in fact I think a large one would be a great reward.  I’m working hard, eating fast food, not exercising, rolling right along. Life is good, I still had my big jeans!  I slipped comfortably right back into them.  I thought it was really smart of me that I had kept them! Then it happened.  We went to the lake and I was wearing my big suit, with the flirty skirt and my black cover-up.  Yes, I had gained weight.  But so what, I’m over 50, you get bigger when you get older, right?  I’m in my big suit with the flirty skirt and there she is. The cheerleader and all I can think about are those milkshakes and what they’d done to my body. I dread the trips to the lake and the site of the gorgeous cheerleader.  The one that’s my age and still weighs the same as she did in high school.  The one that was the head cheerleader, while my husband was the quarterback in high school. I know how I want this story to end: I don’t want to have another summer in the big suit with the flirty skirt.  I don’t want him to silently compare me to the cheerleader–I want to be the cheerleader!


Tell me your “cheerleader” story for a chance to win! Have you ever wanted to lose a few pounds to feel more confident around THAT GIRL? Leave me a comment with your honest reason for wanting to lose weight.  Comment entries will be pooled between participating blogs and two lucky winners will be picked at random to each win a $1,000 SpaFinder gift card!



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  1. My sister is pretty large, so seeing over weight people makes me try harder to lose weight.

  2. I wanted to look like my wedding pic again.

  3. I stay active by swimming 3 times a week and want to look good in my bathing suits.
    Thanks for the contest.

  4. feel better about myself

  5. I don’t have a cheerleader story but I sure don’t want to go to my school reunion looking like a beached whale. But my main reason for wanting to lose weight is that being overweight is so darned uncomfortable!

  6. It’s not something i’ve ever really done. I’m just losing weight after having a baby.

  7. get in better shape!

  8. My only reason for losing weight is to get into a bit better shape and exercise every day. I’m also trying to be more cautious about what I am eating..less processed foods, not eating out as much, etc.

  9. My reason is ALWAYS about the swimsuit…..and it’s that time of year again!

  10. I only have one tiny cheerleader story I liked her just fine until she said I was ugly, 10 years later at our class reunion she was ugly and I got hot! And, you look hot too! Way to go.

  11. Stephanie Larison

    Yes there’s been a few times where I felt like I needed to better myself or improve something to be on the same level as her.

  12. I just want to get my body in shape and eat better so I am not so bloated!

  13. There have been multiple times in my life where I wanted to lose weight/look better then “that girl”.

  14. my main motivation is the health benefits of working out…I am not looking to lose weight just to be able to outrun my hubby :)))

  15. I want to lose ten pounds because I think not only will I feel better, but it will be healthier in the long run. The older I get, the more I realize how my weight and my health are very important to me.

  16. There used to be this guy in high school who would follow me up the stairs between classes saying “boom baba boom baba” about my backside. I was a size 13 then. I starved myself down to a size 10. Kids can be cruel.

  17. I want to be able to wear something sexy and cute when going to the beach with my hubby

  18. I just want to lose weight to be healthier and feel better!

  19. I want to lose weight and get fit for MY HEALTH. I also want to maintain a normal energy level to keep up with my two active kids. 🙂

  20. I want to lose weight for ME, not about the people around me.

  21. Ive lost all my weight but I want to look tones and tighten that after baby bulge

  22. I want to loose weight to fit into my wedding dress.

  23. I was in amazing shape and looked great in college. Really want to feel that good again!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  24. for my health.

  25. I want to drop some lbs to be healthy. My son has supported me in my weight loss and says he is proud of me. I have struggled all my life and only wished it didn’t take this long to do a life re do.

  26. No, not really. i just have never felt competitive with other women.

  27. I’ve wanted to lose weight to feel more comfortable around my thinner friends.

  28. That girl? haha…yeah, that’s my sister-in-law (my hubby’s brother’s wife). She is a few years younger and always keep herself pretty and fit. Of course, I’m not trying to “compete” with her. But it’ll be nice to lose a few pounds so I don’t look old, fat and out of shape when the 4 of us hang out together. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  29. I want to lose weight for better health.

  30. i just want to look like i did on my wedding day…or maybe even better! got at least 30 lbs to go


  31. I want to loose a few pounds before my high school reunion

  32. These days I’m not as concerned about the number on the scale as I am about fitting in to my clothes. It’s easy to over eat and slowly let the numbers creep up on the scale. I’m 9lbs off my comfortable weight and I keep using the excuse that I am in my 30’s now – everyone gains weight in their 30’s. I’ve realized it’s just an excuse. I was very overweight at one point in my life and I never want to return back to being that girl by letting the number creep up a couple at a time every year for the rest of my life.

  33. My biggest deal to lose weight would be to have people except me for who I’m and to be able to get clothes that fit right. Being overweight is no fun!

  34. I would like to lose 20 pounds, there, I said it. But my reason is to avoid diabetes. I am genetically inclined to get that disease as I age and I do not want to. I’d love a little help!

  35. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    There’s not really a cheerleader in my life–however, I’m pretty sure I can relate. I was called “Fat Nat” throughout my childhood and no matter how much I weigh/how big I am, I think I must look fat. I actually paid to go to Fitness Ridge–before it was associated with “The Biggest Loser”–and after one week of doing all the activities and consuming only 1200 calories a day, I gained a pound! I’ve heard it gets harder to lose weight as you age (and I’m already 56!), so I figure I better be workin’ on it! You look beautiful in both your photos.
    p.s. I saw the comment Bliss made above…and all I have to say is–nobody even tells me that I have such a pretty face!

  36. It’s bad enough to have to look at those cheerleaders, but when they make little cutting comments it is even worse. Although I am not happy with my weight. I am happy with me and I do eat very healthy most of the time. xo Laura

  37. Well Miss Debbie, I am getting tired of hearing “you still have such a pretty face”. That and a very recent 3 day hospital stay (real recent I came home today) where having too many of my own pecan milkshakes sent my gallbladder begging for removal. I don’t want to be the middle age mama anymore with just the pretty face. What might they remove from me next for not eating well?

  38. bahahahaha! we ALL have that freaking cheerleader, don’t we? HATE her, love your post! maybe we should work on our extra weight beating the cheerleaders up!

  39. I know just what you mean! Thank goodness my husband’s cheerleader lives on the other side of the country now! 😉 Btw, I think you’re gorgeous just the way you are!

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