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Red, White and Blue – Americana Decor

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Red, White and Blue – Americana Decor
Quick change decor tips - go from coral and aqua to red, white and blue

I love decorating with Red, White and Blue!

Today I’m sharing a few tips for seasonal decor on the patio.

  • Pillows Red, White and Blue from HomeGoods and IkeaYou only need one pillow with stars and stripes, like this one from HomeGoods.
  • Use everyday pillow covers, like these navy and white for accents.

Stars and stripes on a candle holder

  • Wrap a candle holder with flags and stars  wire ribbon.
  • White candles go with any decor.

Star cookies

  • Use store bought cookies with the Red, White and Blue star theme.

Pillows make changing decor easy!

String of flags it's all about the red, white and blue

  • String a flag banner around the patio, I bought these after the 4th of July a couple years ago for 90% off (Hobby Lobby).

Double knock out roses

Ladder side table

  • Use paper napkins and straws – Red, white and blue stars and stripes.

Denim pillow covers from Ikea

  • Everyday day denim pillow covers from Ikea, inexpensive and perfect for summer.

Americana Patio Decor Ideas

Americana Patio

Just a few days ago, it looked like this:

Coral and Aqua patio decor ideas, great color combo

Aqua, Red, White and Blue

It’s all about the pillow covers…keep a variety on hand for a quick easy change!

American Patio Tour

A banner, pillow covers, small flags, napkins and cookies in the red, white and blue theme go a long way.

Click for more info about the: Coral and Blue Patio and the Ladder Side Table.

Red, white and blue cookies


These cookies were so good!

Aqua, Red, White and Blue

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    2. Debbie, I am so envious of your porch. My dogs would have every pillow shredded in a second! (*thought-Must move the dogs away from the patio!) I love the quick changes you made, it’s now so festive! Here’s wishing you a fun 4th!


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