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Vintage Wood Bowl DIY

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I debated spray painting this wood bowl, I really did. Y’all know that every time I go to the thrift store I look for anything made from wood and of course those are the things that I bring home. I kept looking at this one and all I could see was a watermelon. I even questioned my plan, thinking that maybe I was just craving my favorite summer treat. 

wood bowl with painted watermelon

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How would you DIY with a wood bowl?

  • Clean it, treat it with oil and use it for food?
  • Wash with soap and water and place fruit in it?
  • Spray paint it and call it a watermelon?

You know which one I picked. Honestly, it was scratched up and I was a little grossed out wondering what old  salad it had served. Spray painting was an easy DIY for me.

Supplies Needed for Watermelon Bowl Makeover 

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  • Spray paint – white, red and green
  • Black craft paint
  • Yellow craft paint
  • paint brush
  • cloth for blending
  • Clear sealer, I used Lacquer
  • faux succulents (optional)

DIY Watermelon Wood Bowl Steps

  1. Wipe/clean bowl to remove obvious dust.
  2. Flip bowl over and spray paint with green paint.
  3. After the green has dried, flip bowl over and spray paint the inside with your choice of red spray paint.
  4. Using the white spray paint, create the stripes you’d see on a watermelon
  5. Brush the yellow craft paint on each side of the white lines on the watermelon, take a cloth and blend in around the white.
  6. With the black craft paint, use a paint brush to paint seeds on the red area.
  7. Add faux succulents or other greenery to dress up your new decor piece.

spray paint wood bowl

spray paint wood bowl

paint details

adding yellow to watermelon

blend paint color

painted bowl details

Don’t worry about over-spray of the paint, I think it makes it look real with the imperfections. I do have a few wood bowls that I won’t paint but I thought this $1.91 beauty was perfect for this transformation. Please tell me not that I’m not the only one that saw a watermelon when you looked at this bowl.

vintage wood bowl

Watermelon wood bowl

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How to DIY paint a watermelon bowl
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    1. I like your watermelon bowl. It’s adorable and better yet, a wall hanging for succulents! Great idea!


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