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White Christmas Village

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Hey Guys!

We are back today with our final edition of “One Space Three Ways”. You may remember that I chose my buffet, to decorate and share ideas for seasonal decor. I included links to the other two ideas at the end of this post.

Our Decor Enthusiast group has been busy decorating and this month it’s all about Christmas.

I’m dreaming of a snowy white Christmas….

White Christmas Village

a snow inspired idea…

Easy DIY Christmas village from thrift store finds White Christmas Village at Refresh Restyle

and here’s a peek at what the other awesome ladies are sharing:

(links to each project will be at the end of the post)

Christmas Ideas you can afford

and now on to my thrift store score….

The White Christmas village before spray paint at Refresh Restyle

I had this idea while I was in the store, I thought about and decided that I didn’t need any more projects for Christmas. So I left, empty handed.

As fate would have it, I could not get them off my mind. So, I had my daughter go by and buy them for me. She’s such a good negotiator, she talked them in to $3 each!
Thrifty idea for a White Christmas village using building from Goodwill

Thrifty ceramics used to create a White Christmas display at Refresh Restyle

To make the scene a little more interesting, I added pages from an old hymnal to one of my old windows. (I was so excited to run across several for sale at my friends church sale.)

The little evergreens are from Trader Joe’s.

The tiny wreath is a Christmas ornament that I’ve had for several years.

Old window with hymns white Christmas village on the buffer

They are the perfect size to fill up the buffet.

White Christmas village at Refresh restyle

White Christmas village display perfect for a buffet or table at Refresh Restyle

I added battery operated tea lights, just tip them over and place them under each building.

White Christmas village display perfect for a buffet or table at Refresh Restyle

Use battery operated tea lights to light up the White Christmas Village at Refresh Restyle

I love the way they look at night!

Old window with pages from an old hymnal perfect Christmas display at Refresh Restyle

With one can of flat white spray paint, $15 for five building, a couple of trees and messy white snow, my White Christmas village was created!

Click to see the buffet #1 and buffet #2 ideas.

Now on to the other beautiful ideas:

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Are you following the Decor Enthusiast Facebook Group? We have so much fun over there. It’s a place to share your decorating & DIY adventures as well as ask advice! We’d love to have you! Just remember….it’s a nice group…no negativity allowed. You can find it HERE.

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RestorationRedoux – ArtsyChicksRule – OurSouthernHome – ChristyKJames – RefreshRestyle – Duke Manor Farm

How to create a white Christmas village, a snowy little town at Refresh RestyleHave you found anything thrifty lately?


    33 thoughts on “White Christmas Village”

    1. I live these! All of it, the buildings, snow tea lights used and the pages on the window!! Great job. Now I have to go looking for some buildings to paint. Lol

    2. I love the idea of the hymnal pages in the window frame. I think I will try that with Christmas cards I hold on to from loved ones who have passed. Thanks for the inspiration!

    3. Fabulous! I stopped by our Goodwill after work yesterday and picked up the two village houses I’d seen a couple of days ago (amazingly they were still there)! Thanks to your inspiration I will paint mine white also…how did you cover the “windows” to not paint over them?
      Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    4. Oh my goodness!! You just solved a dilemma we’ve been having. We inherited my mother in law’s beautiful village 2 years ago but some lights were missing and there are so many I couldn’t find space for all the plugs behind our baker’s rack. Battery tea lights, of course! Thank you. I love how you painted yours all white and snowy. Ours are beautiful painted but I did roll out quilt batting as a snow covered ground.

    5. OMG I just love this entire idea! I’m on the hunt for a village to paint for next year. The white and green is so beautiful and the window panes and sheet music add so much. What a brilliant idea. You are a genius!! Thank you for once again sharing a great idea. Merry Christmas


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