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Free Tablescape Idea – Rustic Spring

a little rustic, a little spring, a lot free…

Decorate your table for free,let me show you how. Before I give you the details of my recycled table decor, let me just say that since we moved in September 2014, I’ve come across all kinds of  tchotchkes. (tchotch·ke CHäCHkə/ n., pl. -kes. Informal. a knickknack) or should I say empty wine bottles!

I can explain, I love those big green bottles sold at Pottery Barn, but I just don’t want to pay for them!

Pottery Barn Bottles
Pottery Barn

Shop your home for a spring centerpiece!

Now that you know what I’m doing, let me tell why! I was contacted by HGTV, not really ;)…actually it was Christy from Our Southern Home that came up with a brilliant challenge! And you know me, I love a challenge and shopping my house for decor!

A team of six decor enthusiasts are sharing free decor ideas and tips of the trade! The links to each space is at the end of the post.

Decorating Tips for using what you already have!



For this design challenge I will be decorating my kitchen table each month, for free. Refreshing accessories that I already have. Here’s the first of three:

Free Tablescape Idea – Rustic Spring

Decorating with old wine bottles


  • 3 Wine Bottles
  • Greenery
  • Small tree stumps
  • Tulips
  • Vase
  • Galvanized Tray or any tray

Tulips on the table  with stumps and recycled wine bottles

Lifts for kitchen table decor

I seperated the greenery between the three recycled wine bottles and elevated two of the bottles by placing them on top of the stumps.  These were left over from my Dollar Tree project, you can see the here.

Idea for free centerpiece

I used a square glass vase to hold the tulips, stuffed with wine corks instead of a flower frog.

I played around with the placement of everything until it was perfectly imperfect 😉

Fresh tulips and recycled wine bottles

And then I put it all in a galvanized tray. The centerpiece leaves plenty of room for dining.

Free tables cape

Shop your home first, fall in love with your accessories all over again.

Spring tulips in frugal decor.



Time to refresh your space using what you have!After: 

Free beautiful centerpiece.
Click here for Kitchen Table details


Tips to take away: free can be beautiful, vary heights of objects, vary textures and colors and accessorize in odd numbers.

Be sure to visit these creative bloggers below also participating in the Three Month Challenge! 

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We wanted to give you a chance to share your amazing decorating tips and projects and to ask questions and advice, so we have created a forum specifically to do that on Facebook. Visit the Decorating Enthusiasts page HERE to begin chiming in and sharing what you have done.

Are you ready to participate with us? You can!!! We wanted to give you a chance to share your amazing decorating tips and projects and to ask questions and advice, so we have created a forum specifically to do that on Facebook. Visit the Decorating Enthusiasts page HERE to begin chiming in and sharing what you have done.

This is where you can join the challenge and share your One Space, Three Ways as well! Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi, I love the light above your dining table. Please tell me where you bought it. Thanks, Juliette

  2. Beautiful arrangement, beautiful room, beautiful photo! I am in love with your chairs though. Where did you get them? Wonderful details overall!

  3. Really pretty tablescape! I like that you’re into using what you already have.

  4. I love the way you photographed your table, and the theme of your vignette is just perfect for this time of year~love the bottles and your organic elements~

  5. Great decoration, pretty spring inspiration.

  6. Debbie,

    I not only love your arrangement, but am just marveling over your photography! Magazine-worthy shots! Love, love, love! Can you give me some tips? And perhaps some of that fabulous natural light in your home!

    🙂 Linda

  7. Debbie your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love the pretty tray and all of the different elements, from the stumps to the bottles and the beautiful flowers!

  8. Looks great Debbie…love that tray. I could shop my house and do way too many vignettes (gotta get some of this stuff out of here).


  9. Oh, I LOVE this little tablescape!!


  10. Oh such great photos Debbie!! I love your use of the greenery,glass,wood and metal! Just perfect!!!

  11. Absolutely beautiful, Debbie! My husband is a wino, not really ha ha but he does enjoy a glass or two with dinner and every time toss a bottle in the recycler, I say out loud that I wish there was something I could make with them! Your vignette is just perfect as are your beautiful photos. XO

  12. LOVE your tablescape Debbie!….i agree with you on the PB bottles!….I would rather spend the money on an old one! I am so loving the way you grouped the bottles together on the table…I currently have one large demijohn on my table sitting there all alone and feeling blue….well actually green…so I shall take some inspiration from your beautiful table today!!!

  13. First of all, you are rocking that new home!!! I am in love with this room. The tablescape is just simply beautiful. I need to ditch my box wine for the jug wine….hee hee. Like you I love those pricey Pottery Barn bottles, but not in the budget! Just beautiful. Thanks so much for joining the tour! ~Christy

  14. That looks great! Much less expensive than the PB bottles but looks even better!

  15. hey you….lay off the vino! 🙂 looks pretty . i need to come visit your new home and sit there.

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