How to Bake Pinecones

How to Bake Pinecones

Decorating with pinecones is very popular, you can literally pick them up anywhere. Trust me, you will want to bake the pinecones before you craft with them!

how to bake a pinecone

If you decorate with pinecones, you’re going to want to bake them.

They are beautiful and natural and may have been highjacked by insects.

Bake them to get rid of insects and sap.

How to bake a pinecone

How to Bake A Pinecone 

1.  Preheat oven to 250°

2.  Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

3.  Place a single layer of pinecones on the lined pan.

4. Bake for 30-45 minutes.

5.  Don’t leave the kitchen-it gets hot in there with those pinecones :)

6.  Remove from oven and use tongs, cool on a flat surface for 24 hours and decorate them :)

How to bake a pinecone


How to bake a pinecone

Smells great!

How to bake a pinecone

Hot, hot, hot!

How to bake a pinecone

Let them cool.

How to bake a pinecone


What’s in your oven today??

How to add Ribbon to Pine Cones:

How to add ribbon to pine cones

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  1. gina says

    I have never heard of baking a pine cone! Makes sense though. My son was reading along with me & was afraid you were going to eat them! Lol

  2. says

    Thanks! We live in a cabin in the woods and would soak them in bleach water, but will try this idea next time. Did you wash them before or after to get any dust off them?

  3. says

    well, I can honestly say that there are no pinecones in my oven …but what a great idea to kill the little critters….thanks for this great tip…xo

  4. says

    I collected pine cones today for the first time here in Scotland as hoping to make some type of christmas decoration(??) had no idea you had to bake them??!! I take it no fire risk with this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. says

    Thanks for the tip – I hadn’t even thought about bugs… eeewwww! I’m assuming the 250 degrees is in fahrenheit? (I’m in NZ where we use celcius). Thanks.

  6. clarissa says

    I want to put baking clay on them first but the clay needs to be baked at 270 for over an hour. Will the pinecones still be ok when they come out?


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