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Instagram Week {refreshing}


Last week and the weekend was great. 

I finished some projects, did some instagram shopping.  That’s when I take pictures instead of making purchases 🙂  It’s a lot like window shopping, with one great advantage.  I can share it instantly with you.  Actually, I did buy a few things:

See the little aqua guitar in my photo up there, well I bought it.  Love it…can’t wait for Justin to play it for me.

factory cart

Factory cart by Randy from The Ragged Edge.  Found locally 🙂

factory cart

Here it is in the house, with Murphy watching over it.

It may or may not be going to Jenni’s house.

La craie paint

Jamie and I unloaded and stocked our paint.

We love Maison Blanche La Craie!

Matty's Trash and Treasures

I found an awesome store in Savannah!

Matty’s Trash and Treasures

like her on Facebook and tell her I sent you 😉


Matty’s is ready for St. Patricks day.


I found nothing but treasures!

Love the furniture, jewelry, clothing and everything else there!

I will be back 🙂

Sam's Club

These two make me want to cook something special!

I love the color!

I found them  at Sam’s Club in Pooler!

Kitchen Aid

Our big night out was on Saturday, when we attended the

Feed the Mosasaur

Tour of Italy Dinner.

Once a  year on the second Saturday of March,

you can spend the evening experiencing great food, wine and recipe demos.

I hope we can go next year!

Tour of Italy

One of my favorite Instagram photos of the week,

wasn’t one that I took

but one that I received:

Lane and Jack

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or every now and then I’ll share my photos here.


  1. Love the blue KitchenAid appliances! Cute! xo Kristin

  2. I love the cart….really love his stuff at the store! Did he make that one?

  3. Debbie, you saved the best for last! Love the blue blue appliances, too! I really need a tutorial on Instagram!
    Thanks for a fun post.

  4. Loved your weekend in photos. I can’t wait to show Matty the photos you shared of her wonderful shop! It’s such a fun place,and it looks different every time I go in there!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the industrial cart!!!! …as far as the tour of Italy…we are actually going back this year (finally),so we are planning our “tour of Italy” 🙂

  6. I love that you took us on a shopping trip!
    Wow, that wheeled low cart is sweet. Very inspiring,

  7. That last picture is so adorable – and I need to try your kind of shopping. My hubby would think you are a genius (but I already know that. 🙂

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