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7 Day Laundry Room Makeover

I have big plans for my laundry room.

Today I’m sharing ideas for my 7 day laundry room makeover.

It’s small, cluttered, bursting at the seams and driving me crazy.

It’s true what they say…everything needs a place.

The ugly truth about the laundry room at Refresh Restyle
See! I can not be trusted with open wire shelves! Or >> rolling storage cart!

Come up with a plan:

  • {Day 1} Remove everything from the room.
  • {Day 2} Draw out a plan – you can use graph paper, count each square as one foot. Measure the space and draw out each item (washer, dryer, cabinets, etc). Shop for items needed.
  • {Day 3} Repair any holes or damaged areas on the walls.
  • {Day 4} Paint the walls. 
  • {Day 5 – 6} Add cabinets and hanging bar.
  • {Day 7} Install new washer and dryer.Laundry Room plans at Refresh Restyle

Ha! my room looks even smaller in this diagram:

Space planning for the small laundry room at Refresh Restyle

The washer and dryer are located on the right side. There was an evil wire shelf that stretched from one side of the room to the other above them. The open storage became an eye sore very quickly. As you can see from my update last year (I added >>baskets to the shelf) too much junk found it’s way there.  Lesson learned, I’m no good at open shelves 😉

Working out of order: Speaking of open shelves, we ripped those out and added two cabinets and a bar for hanging clothes. I predict this will be the saving grace for the future of clutter in the laundry room. My original plan was to keep the wall color that was already in the space, you know what they say about changing minds. It would have been much easier to paint before installing the cabinets. Do as I say, not as I do.

Removing wire shelves - painting - adding cabinets at Refresh Restyle

Removing the wire shelves and adding cabinets immediately made me feel better, no more anxiety of open shelves! Do you have open shelves? I’d love to know how they are working for you??

Here we are, refreshed and ready:

Laundry Room after - big changes in a small laundry room at Refresh Restyle

Samsung washer and dryer pair in laundry room makeover

Small laundry makeover with stunning appliances - Samsung Black Stainless Steel Addwash and Dryer - the dynamic duo review at Refresh Restyle

Plan executed!

Laundry Room Ideas at Refresh Restyle


Paint: Sherwin Williams – Repose Gray

Cabinets: Lowe’s 24″ x 30″ white with single door cabinets

Wood dowel for hanging clothes: Lowe’s

Washer and Dryer: Samsung (click to read the review of the Samsung AddWash and Steam Dryer)

Decor: gathered from around the house

Ideas gathered from my blogger friends:

Over 30 laundry room makeovers - lots of do it yourself ideas at Refresh Restyle

Hopefully you are encouraged, if you need a laundry room plan.








  1. The laundry looks good. I love your sign.

  2. It looks great! We have wire shelves in our laundry room (closet) and I feel ya on the mess. Your cabinets look wonderful though!

  3. nice….for the first time in many years I will have a pass through laundry room…meaning….you come in from the garage and pass through the laundry room….thankfully there are cabinets above the washer and dryer….I will paint the walls a light gray….and most likely put some bead board wainscoting on the long wall…light aqua….as it’s rather dark….in other homes the laundry room was nice and large…we kept our freezer in them…along with dirty clothes hamper….not in this new home….so plenty of great ideas in your post…thanks

  4. The new laundry room looks great!!! You gave me the inspiration that I neded. Mine is just about the same size and layout. As always you did an amazing job…..

  5. Wow!….Love it…You did a most spectacular job as always Debbie!!!

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