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How to Prep Walls before Painting

Everyday I walk by this wall and think, I need to repair and paint that! So today, I’ll show you how to prep walls before painting them!

How to repair a wall and paint itI don’t know what happened, but I cannot stop looking at it.How prep your walls before you paint get a more professional finish.and just a little to the right of the hole there’s this…How to Fix the wall before you repainta long annoying dent! They’re like pimples on my face, I know they are there, I can’t stop thinking about them and they just irritate me.

To get a professional look prep the surface before you start. You’re like me, temped to just crack open a can of paint and start painting. Don’t do it yet…

5 thing to do before painting your wall!

  1. Look for any damage on the wall. Repair it with spackle, sand it, remove any dust.
  2. Remove electrical plate covers.
  3. Stir your paint well.
  4. Use tape to remove fuzz from your roller.
  5. Cut in first, paint the wall before it dries.

Repair – I had to repair these places on the wall, there was no way that just painting them would have fixed that damage. I used a light weight spackling with primer and it dries fast, like within 30 minutes! After it dries, sand it smooth and wipe off the dust.

If the hole is deep, apply several coats of spackling, let it dry and sand in between. Use a repair kit if the damage is wide.

Remove electrical plates, it’s so much easier and neater than trying to cut around them.

Wrap tape around your hand to remove unwanted fuzz from paint rollerRollers can be fuzzy, walls don’t need to be fuzzy. Wrap tape around your hand, sticky side out 😉 and go over your roller removing the fuzz.

Stir your paint very well, all the good stuff settles on the bottom!QuickPainter Pad Edge Painter from HomeRightI used my HomeRight QuickPainter Pad Edge Painter, you just draw the paint up from the can. This little guy makes edging easy with less mess! Just pump to add more paint to the pad.

And for the wall, I used the EZ Twist Paintstick, I painted without a roller pan. Can you imagine how nice that was! Let me tell you, it was awesome! You may also notice that bath cloth laying there. No, I didn’t bath in it 😉 I alway keep a wet/damp cloth handy for wiping off any little mistakes that I make. Because unlike Bob Ross, they are not happy little accidents. Some people use baby wipes.Load your EZ Twist PaintstickIn case you’re wondering. I did not want to change my wall color, I just wanted to repair it. This is the area at the top of the stairs. I didn’t have the original can of paint. I painted one whole wall, from edge to edge, I didn’t want to risk the paint not matching. Luckily, we had this paint left over from the basement. It’s Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. One of favorite colors, right now anyway.

How to paint like a pro, 5 easy tipsAs you can see, the wall looks great! Inside the white circle is where the pimple, I mean damage was.

How to paint like a pro, 5 easy tips

Right there! Now I guess I’m going to have to find another blemish to stare at every.day.

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  1. I have a wall in my kitchen that I have to paint but it has paint peeling like a bad sunburn.. What do I do to remove this layer of paint and prpare the wall for painting..Do I spray a paint remover? I am so desperate, please answer ASAP this kitchen reno nightmare is almost over..

    • First you need to test your paint for lead. You can get a kit at most hardware stores. It will need to be sanded before you paint, be sure to wear a proper respirator!! After you’ve sanded, you may need to use drywall mud to smooth the surface. Use a good primer and you’re ready to paint.

  2. I love your blog. Will you come to Australia to paint my house for me PLEEEASE?

  3. Will you PLEASE come to Australia and paint my house for me PLEEEEASE!!!!

    Love your work

  4. What color is the wall color

  5. do you use the edger to make painting the baseboard and ceiling section faster or still do that by hand?

    • You can use the edger for painting next to the ceiling and baseboards. Just make sure you watch the edge guide and don’t overload your paint. Just like painting with a brush you have to watch your alignment.
      I hope this helps,

  6. Great tips! Can I ask what’s the paint color you used?!

  7. Thank you for the tips. I have never seen the tools you used. I think I need to invest.

  8. Great tips! I want to paint the master bathroom and the laundry room.

  9. Yes! Every wall in my home needs a fresh coat of paint! I was so relieved when I read your statement that there are unfinished projects in 90% of your home! I thought we were the only ones! 😉 Thanks for your tips & giveaways!!!

  10. Found this just in time! I’m painting two rooms in September!

  11. My damaged wall needs painting, but it’s textured, kind of like orange peel & I’m wondering if after I spakle & sand, the patch will be visible under the paint because of the sanded spot (with texture removed)?

    • Yes, if the texture is removed it will be visible. If you use a flat paint and add back the look texture look it will be less visible. Lowe’s and HomeDepot sell a product to add texture. Just ask someone in the paint department. You want to apply it in a manner to look like the texture you already have.

  12. I have several walls that need to be repainted.

  13. Patrycja Chudziak

    Yes! My son’s bedroom, between the crayon and marker drawings..I’d love to repaint the whole room to a new fresh blue. And then I would love to paint my living room to a beautiful soft gray!

  14. Great tips! I’ve been wanting to try this system for ages!!!

  15. Yes, my living room walls could use a new paint job.

  16. I have 3 rooms to paint so this would be nice to have…TY

  17. All the walls in my house need to be painted. I’m focusing on the ceiling this summer and the bathroom walls at the end of summer, fingers crossed!

  18. I wish I didn’t have walls that needed to be painted but I do. Our master bedroom of all places, has never been (re)painted. My hubby and I bought our house as a bank owned foreclosure and we are living with contractor grade boring creamy beige. They did such a terrible job too- the corners are cracking and there are point drips everywhere! Ugh. One day we’ll get around to it. I hope!

  19. Oh boy do I have walls that need to be painted! I just bought a house that has been used as a rental, for 12 years!! I need all of the help I can get, LOL. Thanks so much for the giveaway. 🙂

  20. These are great tips, Debbie. Pinned to one of my big boards for the world to see. 🙂

  21. I need to repaint my entire house!!! These tools would make it so much easier!

  22. I need to repair and paint my walls. This giveaways would get me started!!!

  23. I am in the process of repainting most of my house, I really need this! lol Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  24. We’ve lived in our house for 16 years and we still have the original paint in our hallways. I’d love to try these Homeright products. Painting would be so much easier. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!

  25. I recently decided to repaint all the walls and I’m dreading it… Although these tools, especially the edger, might make it a little more desirable!

  26. Great tips as I am about to embark on a wall painting frenzy. All the walls in this rental were painted a horrible caramel brown and it looks awful! Thanks for the great tips!!

  27. Love your dining room chairs..I have a bedroom that needs a complete overhaul..Painting walls, painting the bathroom vanity, new bedding and window treatments. Just need to get started..

  28. Thanks for the tips and happy I found your blog. I was needing some new ones to follow!

  29. I have lots of walls that look like yours with dents and dings. Winning this would helps so much in getting everything spruced up….after I do the prep on the walls.

  30. I always have a wall that needs painting touch ups with two kids, scuffs, dings, and marks are expected. These cool tools would make the job just that much easier!

  31. yes i have many walls to paint because i have alot of stains, writing on walls and just some old paint that needs get off the wall

  32. I have been painting my mom’s home and the going up and down the ladder reloading my roller and edger, whick is very tiresome, I wish I had known about this product. Getting ready to help son paint three rooms, you can believe I am getting the Quick Painter edger to speed things along. Thanks for the introdction to this product.

  33. I did all e the above before I painted the hallway and dining room EXCEPT taking the fuzz off the roller–I used a small sponge roller. Looks great!

  34. Great tips Debbie. I’ll have to start de-linting my roller first. I like that one!!
    Looks great now!!

  35. Using tape to remove the fuzz from your roller…genius! Your chairs look amazing!!

  36. I have plenty of walls that need painting. I have found painting is the best way to change the overall appearance of a room and refresh it without breaking the bank !!

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