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Get Organized with Storage Baskets

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Get organized with storage baskets…

Isn’t it the time of year to start thinking about getting organized?  Ok, maybe not, well it is for me 😉

There are several times a year that getting organized crosses my mind: the New Year, Spring and Fall. Today I’m sharing my latest tip for coordinated organization! Baskets…

Baskets for storage painted all the same color #refreshrestyle #finishmax @homerightAnd what better way to organize than with el-cheapo baskets from yard sales and thrift store.

Who doesn’t like big baskets? I think they are great for all kinds of storage.

I’m not picky, well as long as they are large and sturdy! Check out my uncoordinated stash, different colors and different materials.


That’s not a problem! Because I’m armed with a secret weapon!

Baskets #refreshrestyle Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP SprayerI’ve realized that I can paint most anything with my HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer! Even a Metal Locker!

Baskets before being painted all the same color #refreshrestyle #finishmax @homeright

On a bright and sunny day this week, I gathered all a few of my basket collection and painted them with my chalk based paint from Maison Blanche.  After painting two coats of paint, I cleaned the Finish Max and sprayed them with a  matte clear coat to finish them.

See more of my projects here:  Spray Painted Dining chairs and Wicker Chair.

Painted Baskets #refreshrestyle #homeright #spraypaint

If I had to recommend just one item to my DIY friends, it would be the Homeright Finish Max Sprayer . You can create a beautiful finish and it is easy to clean!

Baskets for coordinated storage Painted #homeright #spraypaint #refreshrestyleHere they are, ready to start the new year out with pizazz, all coordinated with a refreshed look!

Baskets - Paint them with @homeright #finishmax

Do you have something you’ve been wanting to refresh?  Today we’re giving away an awesome

HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer!

How to spray paint wicker - HomeRight Finish Max #homeright #finishmax #spraypaint #ad

Basket for organzing @homeright #painted #finishimax
I am a HomeRight Brand Ambassador, they provide me with product to review and compensation for my time. Monthly, I will review the product and tell you about it! How cool is that? Pretty awesome but that’s not all, I will also host a giveaway for you.

    16 thoughts on “Get Organized with Storage Baskets”

    1. Hi Debbie ! I have been looking at sprayers to paint my kitchen cabinets. Keeping my fingers crossed.
      Happy holidays.

    2. I love how you updated your basket collection by using a Homeright Finish Max Debbie! (also love the rope handle and the chalkboard) you clever gal!

      way to go!

    3. would love to be able to spray paint things around the house, what fun. The helicopter pilot is not working on pinterest. When I put in my username, it keeps telling me, I did not put it in. It is my user name and it is the right one. tried canceling and repeating it and it still won’t do it. 🙁
      I have never had this problem before.


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