Thanksgiving Day Buffet

Give thanks to the Lord scroll idea and more for Thanksgiving Buffet

We're back with our second edition of "One Space Three Ways". Today I'm sharing an idea for Thanksgiving Day Buffet. Our decorating enthusiast group is really growing on Facebook and we are thrilled to see all the projects, the decorating ideas and more! It's really fun getting to know everyone! I will share a link to our groups projects ...

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Better Homes and Gardens Dinnerware

Better Homes and Gardens Dinnerware

 White dinnerware is my favorite! When I was contacted by Better Homes and Gardens to see if I wanted to review their new collection of porcelain dinnerware available exclusively at Walmart, I said yes! I am going to show you three different and easy ideas for entertaining with the white dinnerware and some of the accessories that I bought ...

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Pheasant Fall Tablescape


This summer when I found these brass pheasants at Goodwill, I knew they'd be the center of attention on my fall table. It was love at first site, the jumping off point for the natural setting. The floral centerpiece is a small urn filled with greenery, sticks and a bird nest.   A real feather at the top of the setting ...

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Feathers in Your Fall Decor

Fall Feathers

Feathers on a roll... Feathers in a wreath... Feathers in a vase... Feathers on the table... Feathers in a metal container... Feathers in a cone... for more details on these ideas~click here where are your feathers? Use a few feathers in your fall decor! be.refreshed :) Sharing: Crafty Scrappy Happy, Whipperberry ...

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Acorns, Corks and Sticks


Setting a Natural Thanksgiving Table Sometimes you don't have to look very far or even leave your house to add that "little extra" to your dining table. I thought about spray painting these acorns, but how could I...with those beautiful natural colors. Save your corks, there's so many things you can do with them. You can always find a ...

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Spooky Mantel


A few changes to bring in the spirit of Halloween! Fun and easy spooky mantel! There's nothing like a noisy lightening storm to spookify the night. And nothing scares me more than a spider (except a snake)! Pumpkins aren't the only ones sporting a spooky smile these days. How about a stroll through the graveyard? Shadows can play ...

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Chalk Paint on what?


Even though I love red and it's different degrees of depth, I've wanted to lighten things up. I have these items, similar in texture and color. One Southern Living ($2.99) from Goodwill. The others from some overly priced home decor store made of stone or something of the sort. DIY - Paint Your Ceramic Pieces Prepare your pieces, clean with a ...

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Mrs. P’s Fall Door


You may remember her spring/summer basket that I did here.  It held up really well, but the seasons are changing and so is the door decor. It's wonderful to have a friend who says just be creative! So that's what I did. When I think about fall, I think harvest, berries, feathers and colors like orange, yellow and red. I used a round ...

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No Sew Pillow


Don't ask me why I have orange burlap laying around, I just do. But what to do with it? I decided on a no sew pillow cover, because I have way too many pillow forms and I can spare one for fall decor. Put a Dollar Tree bird on it and it gets all kind of attention! 1. I measured my fabric to wrap 1 1/2 times around the pillow.  Leaving an ...

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White Pumpkins


White Pumpkins - Wreath Idea Recycle those orange pumpkins from last year.  Just a little spray paint works every time!   Glue, tape, wire on some styrofoam and cover with moss. Spray paint old pumpkins from a Goodwill wreath. I used craft paint for the stem. Separate your dried materials, you'll need some for both sides. Add ...

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About those leaves, a quick craft project.


I've had these beautiful leaves for four years.  I got them while visiting my family in Tennessee. I don't remember how many I started out with.  But this year I only 4 left.  I knew I wanted to use them on my Falling Leaves mantle. If you've ever been to my part of Georgia you know that our leaves don't really look like this in the fall. The ...

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Tour of the Fall Living Room


On the coffee table, and you see Murphy making sure I get the correct angle. Sitting on the sofa. Looking back toward the front door.  I still need to paint the legs on that ottoman that I made the slipcover for. From the dining room to the living room. Wall behind the sofa. More of that wall behind the sofa. We love to watch t.v. ...

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Fall Mantel


Simple.Falling.Leaves Not really a theme, but a subtle hint. The colors of fall! Hydrangeas bleached by the summer sun, No matter their color, I love them. Feathers! Makes me wish for cooler days, so I can have apple cider and not sweat. What do you decorate with? Tweaked a little. A little more. Put a bird on it and ...

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