Christmas Mantel

Christmas Decor Mantel Mantle Decorating

For my mantel this year I used the following: Paper Mache Deer Fresh Greenery Faux Florals Pine Cones Vintage Silver Pieces Hymnal Banner I love the traditional colors of Christmas. The reds and greens just say Merry to me.One thing I tried this year was to add a little lime green and blue sparkle to the mantel.  Two colors that I … [Read more...]

Fall Mantel

Fall Mantel

I changed out the mirror from this to:I've had it since June, but like everything else around here, it's just been sitting around.I knew that I wanted to use these three things.The hydrangeas have dried, they are the ones from my fall table, here. Instead of candles I put my blue mason jars in the lantern.I added a few sticks to … [Read more...]

Mantel #1 of 2012


I am ready for something green...I am ready for something shiny...I am ready for something fun...I am ready for something inspiring...I was ready to take the Christmas decorations down...I don't really know why...I love the holidays... this year just seemed different...I can't put it in to words...but I'm glad … [Read more...]

Mantel Extension


Just in time for Christmas decorating!  While I was taking down my fall mantel decor, I remembered that we enlarged our mantel a few years ago and wanted to share what we did.We added three inches to each side and the front by cutting a 2"x 8" piece of lumber to fit over our existing mantel.  I would have gone a little larger, but we … [Read more...]