Valentine’s Day Card

Make your own Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day Card Is it crazy that I struggle to find the right card? He's not the mushy, sentimental type.  So what's a girl to do! This year I decided to make my own Valentine's day card. Supplies: Dollar Tree hearts...................................$1.00 Teaching Tree Adjectives (Dollar Tree)......$1.00 Hole Punch Sharpie to ...

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The Camellia

I see my camellia bush everyday, it's on the right side of my garage. Today I went out and cut some of the beautiful flowers and some ivy too. I gathered some of my white containers. I played around with different groupings. Snapped a few photos. How could I resist, they are so pretty! I trapped one in a cloche :) I used ...

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How about chocolate for Valentine's Day dessert?  Because I know that's what (I) my Valentine would love. When I saw these at Dollar Tree, I just knew they'd be the perfect little container to bake something chocolate in. They look so good with the little red napkins. And then when I saw this at TJM, I knew it was a ...

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Make the ordinary, special

Valentine's Day Breakfast

Grocery store flowers. Spoon, bowl Cute cereal Quaker Oats Box of chocolates (for breakfast dessert) Non fancy napkins. Scrap of fabric. Refresh the ordinary, wouldn't this make you feel special? Sharing here: A Simply Klassic Home Coastal Charm It's Overflowing Chatty Chics Between Naps on The Porch Momnivore's ...

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