Silhouette Cameo Giveaway


Silhouette Cameo Giveaway! I love DIY and crafting!  One of my favorite crafting tools is my Silhouette Cameo! You can create so many things with it! My latest creation came after I stained my front door.  I previously had my house number on the door, but I had to remove it in order to freshen up the stain. Creating an address for your ...

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Vase Makeover


    Why did I buy something that I can only use once a year? Do you ever have thoughts like that? I just had to have it!  It was the same color of blue as my little dessert containers.   One day I started thinking, I've seen everything under the sun with chalkboard paint on it. But I must say, I took it one ...

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Fiddle Leaf Fig


Sometimes you see something (from Pinterest) and you must have it. (Photo from Pinterest) The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree had to be mine! (Photo from Pinterest) So I asked on Facebook if anyone knew where I could find one, and I heard crickets.  I searched on the internet and it said they can be very expensive for large trees.  Ok, how much is ...

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I got your number


You've got Mail part 2, not only did I order vinyl for my mailbox, but also for my front door.  I only had one problem, the previous container that held my springy flowers hung down too low on the door.  Thinking and searching, I knew I wanted to keep these flowers (the best daughter in the world gave them to me in another container, a couple of ...

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You’ve Got Mail, part 1

Carefully placed it on, it's a sticky little sucker!

I mean I've got a new mailbox! (Click on photos to enlarge) I love all the cool covers that are available for mailboxes now. I have bought several and my sister gave me one. The last one I bought only had magnets on the bottom to hold it on, so it looked good at first, but that didn't last long. Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but mine ...

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