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Watercolor – Beach Inspired

Beach Inspired Watercolor

I have watercolor on the the brain!  I’ve seen them everywhere.

You know me, I went out and bought a  pallet of watercolors.

I tried painting this and that and well it looked nothing like Carmella’s!

So I did some cheater watercolors and I’m very happy with them.

Watercolors Beach Inspired

I don’t mind if you download and use them for yourself.

I love a free printable and until I get better at my watercolors,

I’ll do one of these every now and then to satisfy my obsession.

Beach 4

Beach Watercolor

This is the 8×10 version clipped on to a clipboard.  It would awesome in a driftwood frame too!

Beach Inspired Watercolor

I just used my Canon inkjet printer and card stock paper.  I think it would look great on a textured paper too!

Beach Inspired Watercolor

Click on these links to download:

Beach Inspired Watercolor

4 per page



Let me know if you use these 🙂




  1. How fun!! You KNOW I’m a sucker for watercolors!
    xo Heidi

  2. Like this a lot!

  3. I’m very afraid I would become obsessed for sure, just looking at these I want to make some. And may I say you have some fine looking starfish.

  4. You have gallons of talent in you and could morph into a watercolourist in the blink of an eye. Just stunning painting.

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