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Colorful Coffee Table DIY

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Life is too short to live with a boring coffee table! I have several ideas, let’s start with the colorful coffee table DIY, plus more ideas.

After all, if you don’t like it, you can paint it again!

Queen Ann Coffee Table makeover from frumpy to fun

This lovely coffee table was rescued from an office makeover.

Strong and sturdy with plenty of coffee table possibilities.

Queen Ann before the fresh makeover at Refresh Restyle

This thrifty makeover was a collaboration between Jessica and I. She started it and I finished it.

Dark wax over green - fresh coffee table makeover at Refresh Restyle

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  1. Clean your piece of furniture with warm water and vinegar
  2. Paint 1 to 2 coats with chalk based paint (we used Maison Blanche Chloe)
  3. Sand lightly to distress (optional)
  4. Finish with dark wax or clear coat of your choice

We used the dark antique wax made by Maison Blanche, as you can see, it looks very dark going on. Once dry and buffed it created the perfect antique tone that we were going for.

Using dark wax on a light color for a refreshing makeover at Refresh Restyle

I waxed half to show you the difference. After it dries completely, it’s a lot more subtle and gets nicely into the groves for an aged look while protecting the paint.

From frumpy to fresh Queen Ann coffee table makeover

Refreshed Queen Ann coffee table from frumpy to fun at Refresh Restyle

The colorful coffee table fits nicely in a young couples home ( Justin and Jessica ).

Queen Ann coffee table with a fresh new color at Refresh Restyle thrifty makeover

Want to see more fun coffee table makeovers:

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Easy farmhouse look with chicken coop coffee table DIY at Refresh Restyle

Click–> Cottage Coffee Table Makeover

Coffee table makeover

Click–> Industrial Coffee Table Makeover

Rustic farmhouse cart coffee table DIY at Refresh Restyle

Do you have a boring coffee table? How about painting it? What are you waiting on??

Pin it for later, share it with friends!

Quick guide for non boring coffee table makeovers




    5 thoughts on “Colorful Coffee Table DIY”

    1. That’s an awesome (quick) makeover of a coffe table Debbie–my favorite kind!

      I am really loving the cottage coffee table. 🙂



    2. Looks great! I picked up a similar coffee table at a yard sale a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure what to do with it. I’m planning to sell it at a July 16 market and think that this look may be one that people will like. Thanks for the inspiration!


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