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Dishtowel Curtains

Dish towel curtains are all the rage around here! Actually the minute we moved in to the Alabama Farmhouse, I knew what I wanted to do at the kitchen window, make curtains from dishtowels! Along with collecting dishes, power tools and so much more, I have a big collection of cute dish towels.

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Simple kitchen curtains made with dish towels at Refresh Restyle

Honestly, this is only the second house of very many, that I’ve had a window in the kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen with painted brick and dish towel curtains at Refresh Restyle

After making all the changes in the kitchen, I decided to dig around in my dish towel drawer. The one where I store the pretty towels, ha, too pretty to use. Even though when I buy them I really plan on using them for the dishes and I try, I really do! But, I just keep using those worn in ones 😉

I’m glad I saved these!

Curtain hooks for using dish towels as cafe curtains at Refresh Restyle

You will need:

  • 1 – 2 packages of curtain rod rings
  • Tension Rod
  • Dish Towels – make sure they are long enough to cover

Usually, I just iron the dish towel and while I have it laying on the ironing board, I start on the edges attaching the rings. Add a ring to the center and space the others out accordingly. I used one package of 7 for each towel.

My farmhouse animal dish towels are from the Better Homes and Gardens collection at Walmart, they are out of stock. But I did find these Farm Animal ones. When I shop at TJ Maxx and all my other favorites, I do check the isles for dish towels.

How cute would it be to use vintage dish towels, I wish I had some!

Simple tension rod for kitchen window curtain idea with dish towels

I used a tension rod because I have brick around my window. If you have wood, you could use a traditional rod.

Make these farmhouse window curtains in no time

These had the cutest fringed edges so I turned it over a bit at the top.

Dish towels for a quick farmhouse curtain in the kitchen at Refresh Restyle

Easy to change up dish towel curtains at Refresh Restyle

10 Min decor idea make these curtains in not time

Doing the dishes isn’t half bad while looking out this window! I don’t even feel bad for having so many dish towels 😉

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Easy to make farmhouse curtains for the kitchen window at Refresh Restyle




  1. I don’t sew and the dish towel curtains idea is right up my alley. Thanks for another great week of inspiring projects, Debbie.

  2. Oh my gosh! What a brilliant idea!!!

  3. These turned out so cute!!! Love your backsplash as well

  4. Those curtains look fabulous!!!!

  5. This is such a great project! I do this, and I use small, square tablecloths too 😉
    I’m a kitchen curtain cheater. haha.
    I never like what is in the store for a kitchen sized window!

    Your kitchen is looking so so so good!!

  6. Oh I love it. I have pretty towels that I find hard to use too. I just decorate with them. Love your curtains.

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