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Lazy Susan Thrift Store Makeover

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Y’all, did you hear me gasp when I found this lazy Susan at Goodwill? I did and you’re probably going to be mad that I painted it. I agree the wood is beautiful, it was a little scratched up but the thing that bugged me the most is that it was almost exactly the color of my table.

easy diy Lazy Susan makeoverLet me show you what I did.

Lazy Susan Thrift store DIY

I wiped it off and used my secret DIY weapon, spray paint to cover the wood.

how to spray paint a lazy susan

Yield: 1

Lazy Susan Thrift Store Makeover

diy monogram lazy susan

Easy DIY - Lazy Susan Thrift Store Makeover - I included affiliate links for products used.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  1. Clean/Wipe any debris from the Lazy Susan.
  2. Use your choice of paint, let the paint dry completely.
  3. Optional - add a design. I used the Chalk Couture transfers and Chalkology paste to personalize my turntable.


Using spray paint for small projects like this is ideal. There are no brush marks and you can create your project in not time. Be sure to follow instruction on the spray paint can.

Chalk Couture transfers - Oval Wreath and Monogram

I created this quick video to show you how easy it is to transform this Lazy Susan turntable:

how to add a monogram with Chalk Couture DIY Home Decor

I also used 120 grit sand paper to distress the edges. I didn’t want it to look perfect, I love the aged patina that sand paper creates.

diy painted lazy susan - sand lightly to distress

Chalkology paste is removable with water, I sealed my piece with Rustoleum lacquer. I wanted to preserve the design. 

diy monogram lazy susan - quick and easy project

I am loving the contrast and as you can see, the Lazy Susan would have blended in with our barn wood table. This turntable or Lazy Susan looks like it was meant for our table. It instantly elevates my simple spring centerpiece.

how to diy a lazy susan - quick idea using spray paint and Chalk Couture

For the record, there is nothing lazy about this Susan. She’s ready to carry her weight around here, whether she’s holding seasonal decor or the salt and pepper shakers. I could not help myself, I had to find out why they are called lazy Susan. There were several options, I liked this one: Thomas Jefferson invented the dumbwaiter aka lazy Susan because his daughter always complained that she was served last at the table and as a result left the table hungry. Saying that makes no sense to me but her name was Susan and I assume the lazy part is indicated by her being late to the table?

Lazy Susan DIY - use spray paint and Chalk Couture


Lazy Susan thrift store makeover


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    13 thoughts on “Lazy Susan Thrift Store Makeover”

    1. What a great job! Lucky to find such a piece. I always thought that a dumbwaiter was a small in-house “elevator” that was usually in the kitchen/pantry to transport dishware from dining rooms located upstairs down to the kitchens where the dirty dishes would be washed by the servants/kitchen help/domestics.

    2. HI Debbie,
      This looks great! I love spray paint and have refinished even large pieces of (kids) furniture with it. So many great colors and, if done right, a good hard finish. Thanks for sharing your project! Happy Valentine’s Day (almost), Cheryl


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