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Loft Style Apartment Finishing Touches

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Loft Style Apartment Finishing Touches

A few weeks ago we went to visit Justin and Jessica, our son and daughter in law. They had just moved in to their downtown Decatur loft style apartment. As we all know moving is a huge undertaking and each new place presents it’s own opportunities and by opportunities I mean, the furniture you have doesn’t fit like it did in your old place. Of course, I offered my services and they accepted.

Small apartment living - decorate with rugs, lamps and rustic coffee table.

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First of all I’d like to say that I am so jealous of their living situation. Not because they only have about 800 square feet, one bedroom, one bath and no dining room but because they can literally walk to restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, grocery shop well you get the picture. Stepping onto the sidewalk from their building feels like a Sunday stroll. Tree lined streets, the smell of delicious food from all the restaurants, it’s all worth becoming a minimalist if you ask me.

Concrete floor wall ceiling - floor lamp with shelves.

Over the last year, they moved around a lot and had most of their stuff in storage. Living basically out of their suitcases. It was fun and adventurous and it got them to thinking about their lifestyle and where they really wanted to live. That’s how they decided on the laid back, walkable community of Decatur Ga. They got busy giving away all the things that they didn’t need, things that would not fit in their new minimal apartment and that’s where I come in, helping them figure out affordable options for warming up their space filled with concrete and new adventures.


I sent them a photo of a few rug options from the Better Homes & Gardens line and they chose the one they wanted. I went online and had it shipped directly to their apartment. Along with the rug, I found the perfect floor lamp, coffee table, a few things for the bathroom and ordered those also. The shipping was great, we live about 5 hours away, all I had to do was show up and get busy.

(They picked the rug on the top right and the bottom right photo is the living room before, the just moved in look.)

J & J living room - rug and coffee table ideas

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Here’s the finishing touches mood board that I created, so they would have an idea of the finished look:

BHG Plan for decorating a small loft apartment living room.

The art was a DIY project, less than $20 and I used accessories that they already owned to keep this makeover under budget.

Rug Details and rustic coffee table from BHG

Rustic lift coffee table Better Homes & Gardens


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Living room decor ideas - affordable ideas for your small apartment

The lift coffee table is perfect for working on the computer or dining for two. Plus there is hidden storage under the top and you can never have too much storage.  The gray wood tone adds a warm rustic look in this space filled with concrete floors and ceiling, creating a comfortable and relaxing space.

Lift coffee table from BHG

The floor lamp provides light and shelf space to display an array of decor pieces. The contemporary style mixes well with their eclectic look, warming up the space with the wood tones.

Floor Lamp Better Homes & Gardens

Pillow from BHG - neutral sweater pillow

Can I just say that these pillows are as cozy as your favorite sweater? They are! The color matches the sofa perfectly and the sofa almost becomes one with the wall, creating the illusion of more space. A match made in heaven.

Moving on to the Bathroom Finishing Touches

They have one bath and it needs to provide basic necessities and look pretty for guest. To pamper homeowners and guests, I made a simple DIY bath shelf, every tub needs to say sit back and relax. The Better Homes & Gardens aromatherapy candles are perfect for setting a spa like mood and bud vase just says you deserve a beautiful bath.

Small bath decor - DIY tub shelf

Add color with a shower curtain


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Shower curtains adds color to bathroom

This room also sports concrete floors and ceiling, the colors of the  paisley shower curtain soften the look. The texture of the bath sheets and cushy rug add a luxurious feel and Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart keeps it affordable.

small bath in condo - minimal sink decor

New sink accessories and a minimal amount of items on the counter makes it easy to keep the bathroom looking fresh.

Personalized candle

Last year for Christmas, I added a little bling to some of the Better Homes & Gardens candles, gave them for gifts. Jessica placed hers right here.

Storage and hamper all in one, perfect for bathroom storage.

Tall storage with a built in hamper keeps things looking organized and tidy, no dirty laundry in site!

Laundry hamper

Bathroom storage with a hamper and large aqua teal towels

I had a great time adding the finishing touches to Justin and Jessica’s apartment. You can have a relaxing home where everyday feels easy like Sunday morning by adding a few cozy and functional pieces of furniture and decor.


Better Homes & Gardens Blooming Quatrefoil Area Rug 8’x10′

Better Homes & Gardens Crossmill Shelf Floor Lamp with LED Bulb Included

Better Homes & Gardens Modern Farmhouse Lift-Top Coffee Table, Rustic Gray Finish

Better Homes & Gardens Storage

Better Homes & Gardens Bath Accessories 

Better Homes & Gardens Aromatherapy Candles

Better Homes & Gardens B Hygro Bath Rug – In store only


Guest Room Refresh

Mix & Match Patio Decorating

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I can’t wait to go visit again.

Decatur GA - loft style apartment decorating ideas

Living Room Rug - warm up your space with this affordable BHG rug.



Loft style apartment decor ideas - affordable minimal decor ideas


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    2. Great job, Debbie! The apartment looks gorgeous and feels nice and roomy. It really is amazing what one can accomplish in such a small space, isn’t it?
      I had to laugh at the before photo … when I was the kids’ age, my apartment always had that “just moved in” look! 🙂
      And that whale artwork is amazing!

    3. Debbie I love it!! Let’s move ‍♀️
      Everything looks so good and the dual purpose items are so smart and look fantastic! I didn’t have a spot for that lamp but thought it was super cool, and it is perfect for them!

      • Shannon,

        Thank you!! I love the space and the location, I hope that one day I live in a community as nice as Decatur! Lord knows, I need to downsize to get ready 😉



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