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Trophy Makeover Spray Paint

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It’s a thrifty horse trophy makeover kind of day!  The Thrift Store Decor team is back with fun ideas for all things affordable and worthy of a makeover. Are you a collector, if not, it’s easy to create a collection any thing that interests you. Just be on the lookout for things that you’re interested and choose a spray paint to create a cohesive look.

The old horse trophies have seen better days but I love them. Funny thing is, I’ve never had a horse but I do think they’re beauty. Don’t limit your collection ideas, you may old sports trophies from your kids or husband. Barry has a lot of them from football and baseball. I really need to repurpose them, maybe paint them gold 😉

Be sure to check out all the other ideas at the end of the post.

spray paint trophy for easy home decor repurposing

Supplies needed for Trophy Makeover

  1. Old trophy
  2. Spray paint
  3. cloth

Directions for refreshing old trophies:

Wipe dust and debris from trophies, spray paint. I applied two coats. Follow directions on the can. Most spray paints require the second coat to be done after an hour or twenty four hours. I’m always careful to get my second coat in that hour, I’m in a hurry like that. If you have drips, just lightly sand and spray another coat.

buffet tiered shelf horse trophy

You can add your repurposed trophies to a bookshelf, bedside or just about anywhere. I used them to decorate my three tiered tray. To add a little color I went with a favorite, blue.

spray paint trophy for decor idea

You may have noticed that I used black spray paint on the wooden horse. Every space needs a little black, don’t you think?
Trophies for tiered shelfDo you have any sports trophies that need a refresh, I hope that I’ve inspired you to give them a new life. My horses are fitting right in my farmhouse decor.

decor for your tiered trays

12 thoughts on “Trophy Makeover Spray Paint”

  1. Your trophies turned out sooo darn cute Debbie. Of course you painted them blue. LOL

    I like that the horse is black. I couldn’t find it at first because I was looking for blue.



  2. Debbie you know I am a huge fan! Wow, painting old trophies, who knew that could be so cute! I have seen boxes of these at thrift stores and always walk right past them. The next time I am digging! 🙂


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