Planter Makeover


Did you wonder, where that white container on my door came from.. I took this metal hanging planter from this: To this: Thanks to Krylon Dual Paint + Primer . I used a sanding block to distress it a little, I just can't handle perfect (at least not in this case). Love the white on the dark front door! While I had the paint out I ...

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Poinsettia Front Door


I bought two poinsettias from Walmart last week.  Then I came up with the idea of using them at the front door, so I went back for two more.  I was pleasantly surprised to find them for 50% off, I got four.  Now I have a total of six :) Right Side of entrance. Left Side I'm glad all my plants have filled in.  The green looks so good with the ...

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How to Change the Color of Your Flower Pots


How to Change the Color of Your Flower Pots One is a lonely number. Especially when the spring/summer plants start fading. I decided to add some friends. Don't you just love the end of season sales at Sam's! Of course they weren't the right color , but never fear.  Spray paint to the rescue! The flat black needed a little Yard & ...

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No Sew Pillow


Don't ask me why I have orange burlap laying around, I just do. But what to do with it? I decided on a no sew pillow cover, because I have way too many pillow forms and I can spare one for fall decor. Put a Dollar Tree bird on it and it gets all kind of attention! 1. I measured my fabric to wrap 1 1/2 times around the pillow.  Leaving an ...

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White Pumpkins


White Pumpkins - Wreath Idea Recycle those orange pumpkins from last year.  Just a little spray paint works every time!   Glue, tape, wire on some styrofoam and cover with moss. Spray paint old pumpkins from a Goodwill wreath. I used craft paint for the stem. Separate your dried materials, you'll need some for both sides. Add ...

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The Painted Rug


Another item of interest that hit the blogosphere: The Painted Rug.   And because I have an abundance of splintery wooden decks and will always use rugs, the lightbulb went off. I'm going to paint some of the rugs that need to be replaced. I have some exterior paint and outdoor craft paint why not? It's only been 100 - plus degrees ...

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Deck Revisit


It's been a great weekend!  I'm glad that I was able to work outside, since I'm waking up to a rainy Monday.  Seems like it's been a long winter, but doesn't it always?  Complaining about the weather is what we do!  Hopefully these pictures will inspire you, warm you, move you... The end of January, and these are still hanging on the ...

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