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Dollar Tree Rae Dunn Inspired Scroll DIY

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It’s time for the Dollar Tree Squad to share their easy DIY ideas for affordable home decor! Today I’m sharing an idea for a Rae Dunn inspired scroll. Super cute for wall decor, it’s perfect for my office. Be sure to go visit my friends at the end of the post and see what they created.

kraft paper scroll idea

I love everything Rae Dunn but I don’t have a huge collection., don’t get me wrong, I want it all. You can see a few more Rae Dunn items in my Amazon shop, affiliate links included: Rae Dunn Favs 

Supplies from Dollar Tree for Rae Dunn Inspired Scroll

  1. Kraft Paper (Y’all check the other paper too, Dollar Tree has super cute wrapping products.)
  2. Glow Necklaces
  3. Wall Decal

dollar tree supplies fir Rae Dunn inspired scroll wall decor

Directions for DIY Scroll

  • Unroll kraft paper
  • Apply decal
  • Trim kraft paper, leaving 3″ on each side of the decal and 4″ on each end
  • Trim glow necklaces for creating the rod to hold the scroll, leaving a few inches excess on each end.
  • Use twine to create a hanger

Place decal on kraft paper - Rae Dunn inspired DIY

Use an old gift card or credit card to smooth the decal down. The decal seems to disappear into the paper after adding pressure.

scroll rod

The glow necklaces were in a small cardboard tube, I cut pieces of it off to to cover the ends of the necklaces. Use tape to attach the pieces of cardboard to each of the necklace.

make a scroll rod

scroll rod holder

Tie a know and trim excess twine, you can make it as long as you’d like.

chocolate understands scroll

scroll with Rae Dunn type

I totally agree with this statement! Chocolate understands! Where would you hang this DIY Rae Dunn cutie? Don’t love a great piece of chocolate and a fun decor idea and it’s affordable!

Pin it for later or when you need chocolate

Dollar Tree Rae Dunn inspired Idea for wall decor



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    1. Debbie,

      Your creativity always amazes me. I should be use to it by now. This is such a cute project, it’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that projects”.




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