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Farm table dressed for Christmas

Farm Table Christmas


It started here:

Farm Table

I don’t have my tree, but I have my farm table dressed for Christmas.

I also discovered that I donated some of my Christmas decor or I’ve misplaced it.  Either way it’s a good thing.  I was just saying the other day that I was going to get rid of a lot of my Christmas stuff and go more natural.

I started with my $5 swag, the one I used over the window here.   This one looks like real pine needles!  Too bad I only found one.


farm table

I added antlers and this awesome deer, that I stole from a church sale this summer.  It was so cheap, it was kinda like stealing it 😉

It reminds me of one from Pottery Barn, only for a lot less!

farm table deer

I randomly placed faux red berries and real evergreen, here and there filling in.

Farm Table Christmas

Lanterns were invented by women, I know this because you can use them anywhere, anytime.  

This one has been around for a while, it looks good in any season!

Farm Table Christmas

Dried hydrangea is always around the house, so I added some.  I still have some on the plants outside, but they are brown…I’m seriously thinking about spray painting them.  I just need to harvest them, bring them inside to make sure they’re dry.

Farm Table Christmas

Doesn’t that lantern look perfect!

Farm Table Christmas

Farm Table Christmas

I also hung another deer in the window, it was over the mantel here.

I love those paper mache deer!

Farm Table

And here’s my view from the sink.  I thought that I loved the round table here.  

Now I know it needed to be in the other room!

What’s on your table?

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  1. looks awesome. love it,

  2. Oh, I love it! What a great tablescape.

  3. Love it! Especially that stolen deer 🙂

  4. Debbie,

    Absolutely beautiful! I love all the pops of red and the antlers!


    Happy, happy day to you!

  5. Beautiful and warm feeling

  6. Beautiful, Elegant, but Warm and Homey. I love the dining chairs. They’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. What is the manufacturer, where did you find them?

  7. beautiful! i love the natural greens!! by the way- the emil address bar to sign up to your blog keeps moving the the middle and getting in my way as i scroll down. just figured i should let you know.

  8. The whole room is so inviting! Very homey and beautiful,

  9. just beautiful!! love that table and scalloped chairs!!

  10. I love it!! I am using a lot of greenery, burlap and natural items….not too much foo foo and glitter! keeping it simple and kind a country! Merry Christmas!

  11. That is beautiful, Debbie. I’m using items like you did in a lot of my decor this year.

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