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How To Add Curb Appeal


I had just bought two beautiful fall wreaths for the front doors, but I kept putting off ordering  gel stain. After all, if I don’t have the stain, I don’t have to re-stain the doors, right?

How to Add Curb Appeal 4 easy tips to do now refreshrestyle.com

But, there’s nothing like an opportunity to have Phantom retractable screens put on your doors to get you moving.

How to Add Curb Appeal the easy way!

Adding curb appeal not only makes your neighbors happy, it helps maintain the value of your home. We have bought and sold several houses. We’re famous for trolling neighborhoods, the first thing we notice when doing a drive by is the curb appeal. We can’t tell if there are dirty dishes in the sink or if they make their beds every day but we can tell if they care about their home just by looking at the entrance. Being guilty of the first two, I do try to give the appearance that every thing is perfect on the inside 😉

There’s something about fall and spring that put pep in my cleaning step. A few weeks ago I cleaned my brick. That got the ball rolling for a refresh on my porch, or stoop as I call it.

My friends at Phantom Screens provided an extra bonus for my home, now we can enjoy the cool breeze without worrying about insects. Crazy awesome thing, I think you will notice it in the photos, you can’t even tell they are there! I guess that’s why they call them phantom 😉

Welcome fall with these curb appeal ideas refreshrestyle.com

Refresh your curb appeal with my four tips:

  • Clean your windows
  • Add a wreath, door decor
  • Refresh potted plants seasonally
  • Paint or Stain your door

Refreshing your door with easy to use get stain. Nothing says welcome like a beautiful entry refreshrestyle.com

Clean your windows, refresh your wreath, stain your door and more for great curb appeal refreshrestyle.com

Beautiful fall wreath from Daisy Mae Belle ETSY shop perfect from summers end to Christmas refreshrestyle.com

Eucalyptus, burlap, seed pods make the perfect wreath all from Daisy Mae Belle ETSY shop made for refreshrestyle.com

Doors wide open for the autumn breeze with Phantom Retractable Screens refreshrestyle.com

We love swinging the doors open and letting the fresh air in!

Fall Refresh Front porch at refreshrestyle.com

Murphy keeps a watchful eye out for everything and welcomes guest with a wagging tail. Maybe a bark or two!

Phantom retractable screens are my dream come true for letting the fresh air in and keeping the insects out refreshrestyle.com

Come on in y'all! I'm working on sprucing up my front entry refreshrestyle.com

Don’t procrastinate like I did, get out there and spruce up your front door area!

It's easy to make a few changes and add beautiful curb appeal to your home refreshrestyle.com

Happy curb appeal, thanks for stopping by!

Source list:

Phantom Screens Installed by Screens of Georgia – Excellent Service, Fast and Friendly

Daisy Mae Belle Wreaths – The Art of Welcome 

Walmart – Mums ($3 and $5 each)

Watch my latest video:


  1. Your curb appeal looks great! LOVE those wreaths on the front doors!


  2. Simply gorgeous Debbie! Those double doors and your new wreaths are killer!

  3. Just come plop all that down right in front of my house please 🙂
    You can keep Murphy though 😉 I don’t think my cats would appreciate a dog. LOL!!!!!

  4. You’ve got it harder than most with two doors, but the end result is stunning!!! You are ready!!!

    • You made me blush Donna! Thank you so much for your kind words! When we first looked at this house, I fell in love with those double doors! Now I get to play around with them all the time!

  5. I love those screens…I am forwarding your post to the hubs….he sells building materials to contractors and I am sure some of his homeowners will LOVE these!!! We’re in NC….not too far from you!

    • Robyn, I totally agree! We are really enjoying being able to leave the doors open during these cool spells 🙂 I love NC, are your leaves changing yet? Have a great day! Debbie

  6. Your entry is so pretty. Love the double doors and the brick steps. I have seen those screen doors in the past at the Street of Dreams on the big fancy homes and thought how cool. We need one on our deck door.

  7. I have had a Phantom door for years. I love it. I do have to put up a baby gate because it is so fine the cats try to go through the screen. Your entry looks beautiful.

  8. I love those door screens. I have never seen anything like that. everything looks so pretty…so do you!

  9. I just love your entry! So pretty and the wreaths are equally gorgeous.

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