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Bicycle Basket Planter DIY

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Bicycle Basket Planter DIY – FUN Wreath Idea

It’s time for our monthly style team collaboration. We’re talking outdoor decor ideas, I’m sharing a bicycle basket planter with our Decor Enthusiast group.

I love repurposing Goodwill finds, I hope you enjoy this DIY idea.

It took me a while to come up with the idea and after I did, it was crazy easy.
Bicycle Basket Planter

I found this cute pillow and could not live without it. Did you know I have a pillow problem?

As luck would have it, a while back I found a bicycle basket at Goodwill. I never pass up a good basket, even though I had not idea what I would do with it.

It’s funny how the mind works, months passed and the pillow sat there all alone, looking cute all by itself.

I was in panic mode trying to figure out what I was going to do for this months challenge, outdoor decor.

It’s a miracle that I put 2 and 2 or basket and pillow together…

Patio planter - Bicycle basket to planter - a thrift store makeover for outdoor decor at refreshrestyle.com

Bicycle basket becomes a planter - a thrift store makeover for outdoor decor at refreshrestyle.com

How Do You Make a Bicycle Basket Wreath Planter


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  • basket
  • ribbon
  • plastic
  • flowers

I weaved a burlap ribbon through the holes in the basket. Lined it with a plastic garbage bag (poked a few drain holes and covered them with a coffee filter). Went to Walmart and bought a pre-made grouping of flowers/plants and plopped it in to the basket.

Easy peasy, now go to Goodwill and find an awesome basket πŸ˜‰Step for making a bicycle basket planter at refreshrestyle.com

How to use a Bicycle basket as planter - a thrift store makeover for outdoor decor at refreshrestyle.com

The bicycle basket planter and the bicycle pillow are so happy to be united on the patio.

My patio has been evolving all summer. I’ve made several changes and created a few DIY projects along the way you can click these to see the latest:

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Succulent planter idea

Use Bicycle basket as a planter - a thrift store makeover for outdoor decor at refreshrestyle.com

We’re trying to enjoy our patio before it gets too hot! What about you?


decor enthusiast

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    1. I love this Debbi! It reminded me of the willow baskets filled with flowers I used to hang on my house under the big copper lamp at the front door and under each of the garage lamps on the salt box we built when we were first married. Thanks for the reminder. They were my favorite containers ever… and actually won a visit from a producer from PBS’s Victory Garden. What a lovely picture yours makes with the pillow. πŸ™‚ Drooling over that too!


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