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Using Green in Your Decor

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Using Green in Your Decor

What color comes to mind when you think of March?  Green, right??  The color of spring, the color most associated with St. Patrick’s Day, a color from nature.  I put together some of my green decor and painted pieces, and a couple of magazine photos to give you some ideas. Don’t be afraid to step out of the neutral zone, decorate with green!

Fall MantelGreen flower pots holding green hydrangeas.

Green used in decorGreen chest –  lake inspired.

Green Used in DecorThe biggest green vessel, that I own.

Green Used in DecorGreen for the kids.

Green used in DecorOld buffet gone green.

Green in DecorEvery shade of green!

green chairs

Green KitchenHouse Beautiful Photos

new hardware on a green chest of drawersGreen Chest with White Chandelier stencil and aged white hardware.

Are you thinking about Green now?

I am!

Have a great day,


Ideas for using Green in your DecorPin It and Paint it!

Green {The Color of March}

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    1. These are all beautiful examples of green and how fresh it looks. My favorite was the vintage buffet. It looks a million times better painted. Where in the world did you find that gigantic demijohn. I love it and would love to find one like it, I recently saw one in one of our consignment shops but it was $200 and that was more than I wanted to pay. Thanks for sharing.


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