How to reFresh a Ladder

How to reFresh a Ladder

How to make a ladder shelf. You can make an interesting display with an old ladder, I've seen them used in so many projects.  I was so excited when I spotted this one at a local store.  I knew I had to have it!  I knew I was was going to make a ladder shelf.  This is how I reFreshed a ladder. For this project you'll need: 1.  Wood … [Read more...]

How to Make a Burlap Wreath {Spring}

Burlap Noodle Wreath

Creating seasonal wreaths can get expensive.  The total cost for my burlap spring wreath was under $7.  Last summer I made sure to buy an extra pool noodle for $1, planning ahead for my spring wreath.  I bought a roll of burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off and one package of eggs with raffia from the $1 area at Target.  The flowers … [Read more...]

No Sew Pillow


Don't ask me why I have orange burlap laying around, I just do. But what to do with it? I decided on a no sew pillow cover, because I have way too many pillow forms and I can spare one for fall decor. Put a Dollar Tree bird on it and it gets all kind of attention! 1. I measured my fabric to wrap 1 1/2 times around the pillow.  Leaving an … [Read more...]

Coffee Bag By Jenni


A while back, Restore Interiors had an auction to help raise money for the tornado devastation that happened on April 27th in Alabama. I donated two coffee bags and the winner was Jenni of  These Creative Notions. She sent me an email to tell what she did with them. Her ottoman is so great and I knew you'd enjoy it too! Here are a few pics and a … [Read more...]

A change is a coming…


Red is one of my favorite colors! But, sometimes I just need a change. The red has slowly left my living room, I gave my red sofa to my worlds best daughter. I switched out the red window panels (they really can't be classified as drapes!). I had been thinking about how to change this painting. It's huge, in fact, I don't have any wall space … [Read more...]

For the love of Burlap!

Roll of Fresh Burlap!

I have an addiction to a few things, one of them being burlap!  Potato sacks, transporter of coffee beans, or just from a roll; there's something about the rough texture that draws me to it!  I bought a white bedskirt from Wal*mart, knowing that I would eventually replace it, this is where burlap takes a bow!  I measured the three sides, cut my … [Read more...]

Birds are singing,


So excited, the temp was going to reach 60 and beyond!  We've been looking at that messy back deck for months.  I have been too chicken to even go out there, fear of freezing in my tracks.  Today was the day, armed with my broom, Windex, bucket filled with warm soapy water...I cleaned.  Just wondering, how do pillows get so gross so fast?  Who … [Read more...]