Mini Snow Globe – DIY

Dollar tree snow globe

Mini snow globe DIY, quick and easy! In my formal dining room I wanted to create a pretty arrangement for my round table.  An arrangement that would not take up the whole table.  High impact for a small area, so we'd have room for the dinnerware and be able to see each other. I bought these simple ingredients at Dollar Tree, I already ...

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Farm table dressed for Christmas

Farm Table Christmas

  It started here: I don't have my tree, but I have my farm table dressed for Christmas. I also discovered that I donated some of my Christmas decor or I've misplaced it.  Either way it's a good thing.  I was just saying the other day that I was going to get rid of a lot of my Christmas stuff and go more natural. I started with my $5 ...

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Pheasant Fall Tablescape


This summer when I found these brass pheasants at Goodwill, I knew they'd be the center of attention on my fall table. It was love at first site, the jumping off point for the natural setting. The floral centerpiece is a small urn filled with greenery, sticks and a bird nest.   A real feather at the top of the setting ...

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Flower Power

Flower Power

One of the easiest, least expensive ways to freshen any space is with flowers. From the grocery store, from your yard or your neighbors yard (not really-unless you ask) Bring fresh flowers in to your space and see what happens! Who doesn't love fresh flowers! Not only are they beautiful, but they are one of the least expensive items ...

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Mason Jars


Free ones, yes that right! If you make spaghetti the homemade way that I do :) You can buy the Classico sauce, get a free mason jar~and a home cooked meal. And when you bring those grocery store flowers home, you've got a sweet little countryfied place to put them. I was talking to a friend last night, she's a florist and she said, how ...

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Tulips again,


for a Copy Cat Magazine Challenge hosted by Debbiedoo's Blogging and Blabbing This month I've had a few posts about tulips. They are fresh and beautiful. I wished a you a Happy New Year with a picture of tulips: I talked about how I made the natural frog to support them: But before all that I was inspired by a picture from a Southern Living ...

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Mantel #1 of 2012


I am ready for something green... I am ready for something shiny... I am ready for something fun... I am ready for something inspiring... I was ready to take the Christmas decorations down... I don't really know why... I love the holidays...  this year just seemed different... I can't put it in to words... but I'm glad ...

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Christmas at a Discount – Kitchen Dine-In


This is the Eat-In kitchen dining area.  Spruced up with more poinsettias. (What can I say, I love their velvety beauty.) Here's a closer look, Three poinsettias $4.50 (they were half-off at Walmart) Small wreaths tied with raffia on the back of my white chairs $4.00 total. (Dollar Tree) Branch over the window $5.00 (bought at the ...

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Christmas Tablescape


I've been working on my Christmas tablescape.  You've probable seen several of my post about a couple of the items that I've used on the table.  Like the Christmas Floral Craft or the Gift Tag, well here's the completed table. Are you like me?  Everytime I get a new Pottery Barn catalog, I just drool all over every page! (Via Pottery Barn) ...

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Poinsettia Front Door


I bought two poinsettias from Walmart last week.  Then I came up with the idea of using them at the front door, so I went back for two more.  I was pleasantly surprised to find them for 50% off, I got four.  Now I have a total of six :) Right Side of entrance. Left Side I'm glad all my plants have filled in.  The green looks so good with the ...

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