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Fiddle Leaf Fig


Sometimes you see something (from Pinterest) and you must have it. (Photo from Pinterest) The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree had to be mine! (Photo from Pinterest) So I asked on Facebook if anyone knew where I could find one, and I heard crickets.  I searched on the internet and it …

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Drying Hydrangeas


How to Dry Hydrangeas The harvest… I don’t know what happened this year, but the hydrangeas under my dogwood tree are amazing. They are this beautiful green color. It’s been so hot and dry, I was worried they may not look good. But I was wrong. They look good now …

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Love shopping here!


My pots got a little scary, look at these monster cabbage! So I headed out to one of my favorite places! The Mad Potter, love their plants and love their name!  Now for a short tour:   You can find anything here, it’s just hard to make up your mind! …

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